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Game Description:A casual-interest game for players to download over SCE's online network. In this free-floating, free-flowing game, you dive deep into the space, eating and evolving, collecting up tiny morsels to help your creature become bigger and more complex. With an embedded design of DDA (dynamic difficulty adjustment), players with differing skill levels can intuitively customize their game experience and enjoy the game at their own pace. Players can also customize the appearance of their organisms based on gameplay.
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  • flOw Score Receives Live Orchestral Treatment

    If you dug the score for SuperVillain Studios’ primordial ooze-ish game flOw, then you need to hear this. The game’s composer, Austin Wintory, posted the following video on the PlayStation Blog, which contains a live performance of his flOw score by the Golden State Pops Orchestra. There were a number of other video game scores...

    Posted August 4, 2009

    flOw Score Receives Live Orchestral Treatment
  • Flower Developer's Next Game To Be "Totally Different"

    Thatgamecompany unquestionably struck critical gold with both of its downloadable titles flOw and Flower. Both games feature a calming simplicity mixed with a striking visual pallet that make them two of the most unique and satisfying titles to come along in a while. Yet, as the studio co-founder Jenova Chen tells Eurogamer, the...

    Posted July 15, 2009

    Flower Developer's Next Game To Be "Totally Different"
  • The flOw Clone Controversy Is Over

    (this is flOw, not Aquatica) thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen recently released the source code for his surreal PlayStation Network and PSP release, flOw, to encourage Flash development. He didn't expect someone would note-for-note reproduce flOw with the code and pretend its their own. This happened with Aquatica. On the official...

    Posted June 25, 2009

    The flOw Clone Controversy Is Over
  • X-Play's 1 Hour Trip: Flow

    Posted: April 17, 2009

    2,462 Views | 01:22

  • GDC 08: Best Downloadable Game

    Posted: February 29, 2008

    510 Views | 02:09

  • Flow Review

    Posted: April 4, 2007

    2,443 Views | 02:55