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Game Description:When your jumbo airliner – Oceanic Air Flight 815 – split in half somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on its way from Australia to the United States, you find yourself stranded on a tropical island with a group of other survivors. The only way to find your way home is to uncover and confront the secrets of the island – including a smoke monster, polar bears, a strange group of people known as The Others, and bunkers belonging to the Dharma Initiative – and your own past. Explore familiar locations, solve puzzles, and interact with the main characters from the hit television show as you play an untold adventure in an interactive, immersive world.
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Lost: Via Domus News

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  • Five Games You Can Play Instead Of Watching Hours Of Lost On Sunday

    Unless you've been living under a rock, then you probably know that Lost is finally wrapping up this Sunday after six long seasons of viewers trying to figure out what the hell is going on. In an onslaught of programming worthy of Oscar coverage, ABC is looking to maximize eyeballs (and ratings) by blasting you with five and a half hours of...

    Posted May 20, 2010

    Five Games You Can Play Instead Of Watching Hours Of Lost On Sunday
  • Lost: Via Domus -- Latin for "Knowing One's Limits"

    So tonight’s kind of a big deal. The last season of Lost is premiering tonight on ABC (check your local listings), and as is customary this time of year, everybody’s enthusiasm is generating almost equal amounts of disdain from friends sick of hearing about it on the social networks and at the water coolers and the what-have-you. As...

    Posted February 2, 2010

    Lost: Via Domus -- Latin for "Knowing One's Limits"
  • Top 7 Video Games for Fans of TV Show "Lost"

    Posted: February 9, 2010

    12,525 Views | 02:47

  • X-Play's Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Games

    Posted: May 27, 2008

    22,847 Views | 03:59 | 10 Comments

  • Lost: Via Domus Review

    Posted: March 3, 2008

    7,913 Views | 02:47 | 5 Comments

  • Lost In Blue 2 Review

    Posted: May 17, 2007

    3,229 Views | 03:07


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