Lost: Via Domus Cheats - PS3

Game Description:When your jumbo airliner – Oceanic Air Flight 815 – split in half somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on its way from Australia to the United States, you find yourself stranded on a tropical island with a group of other survivors. The only way to find your way home is to uncover and confront the secrets of the island – including a smoke monster, polar bears, a strange group of people known as The Others, and bunkers belonging to the Dharma Initiative – and your own past. Explore familiar locations, solve puzzles, and interact with the main characters from the hit television show as you play an untold adventure in an interactive, immersive world.
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Lost: Via Domus Cheats

  • Episode Seven: Worth A Thousand Words

    You'll find some non-collectibles of interest as well. A few animal cages can be found, as well as some doors that can't be opened no matter how hard you try. A few Dharma emblems can also be examined. If you come across an electrical panel during your exploration -- and chances are, you will -- you almost certainly won't have the number of...

  • Secret Medical Station

    In episode IV, while at the beach camp, head to the west side and examine the breif case with "Love 4 Ever". Then head to the other side and examine the sea shells arranged in the number 8 . Then examine the piece of fuselage with the number 15 . Then examine the crate under the canopy with the number 16. Then examine the food tray next to...

  • Secret Pearl Station

    After the flashback in episode VI , search around the tree line to the right of the open field and look for a blue tube . Opt to pick this up and you will be warped to the secret Pearl Station