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Game Description:Keats and Ellen meet in a strange village called Doolin under unusual circumstances. Keats is a reporter for a third-rate occult magazine and is called to meet a woman who turns up dead, while Ellen's long-lost mother calls asking to meet up. Upon their arrival, they realize Doolin is a portal to the Netherworlds, and that in order to solve the mystery of the town – and their past – they must enter the other realities and discover their secrets. Seven different, vibrant realms await you, including the Undersea City and the Endless Corridor. Start the game as either character, but keep in mind that the characters have different styles and that every decision you make will affect the other character's storyline!
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Folklore Cheats

  • Ellen: Fayre Cloak

    When you finished faery realm and warcadia go to the pub and talk with the tall mr. on the bar. Ask him if he as available quest. There you will find a quest that tell's you something about faery realm. Say yes to that quest and when you do you will apear in the faery realm. Once in faery realm go straight. Keep goin straight then you will...