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Game Description:What would you do if you suddenly found yourself gifted with superpowers? Would you use them for good, or would you grab power and dare someone to try and stop you? Find out in Infamous. When an explosion rips through a six-block radius of Empire City, Cole is the only thing left standing. He's been gifted with electricity-based powers, and not even he knows what he's now capable of. Discover the reach of Cole's new superhuman abilities as you explore a completely open and organic Empire City World. Wield your powers for good or evil and watch the city embrace you as a hero or condemn you as a villain.
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'Infamous' Sony Gamer's Day Development Director Interview

'Infamous' Sony Gamer's Day Development Director Interview

By Jeffrey Kanjanapangka - Posted May 01, 2009

Moral gameplay mechanics is nothing new. Many AAA titles in recent years have played with the feature (Fable II, Bioshock, Fallout 3) which constantly kept a "gaming conscience" near the forefront of our experience. However, aside from how you would look aesthetically, how NPC's react to you, or which branch of quest lines would be available to you... what would happen if you're actual powers/gameplay was altered based on your moral standing?

Sucker Punch Development Director Chris Zimmerman breaks down the moral gameplay mechanics of good and evil in their high-voltage, third-person action game Infamous exclusively for the PS3. Find out how Sucker Punch looks to go beyond traditional "moral" gameplay and force you to constantly choose minute-to-minute of how to walk the line and the resulting consequences that will come your way.

Infamous Development Director Interview

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