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Game Description:What would you do if you suddenly found yourself gifted with superpowers? Would you use them for good, or would you grab power and dare someone to try and stop you? Find out in Infamous. When an explosion rips through a six-block radius of Empire City, Cole is the only thing left standing. He's been gifted with electricity-based powers, and not even he knows what he's now capable of. Discover the reach of Cole's new superhuman abilities as you explore a completely open and organic Empire City World. Wield your powers for good or evil and watch the city embrace you as a hero or condemn you as a villain.
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'inFAMOUS' Lead Programmer Interview -- Morals, Controls, And More!

'inFAMOUS' Lead Programmer Interview -- Morals, Controls, And More!

By Brian Leahy - Posted May 01, 2009

How are you with details? Bruce Oberg, co-founder of Sucker Punch and lead programmer on inFAMOUS, is great with them! Watch him detail pretty much all of the game in this interview.

You'll hear all about the game's morals system, the challenge of creating controls that figure out what the player wanted to do, and why the game's release date was pushed up.



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