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Game Description:You are Shane Carpenter, and the year is 2048. You are a newly enlisted soldier with the leading company trying to create peace throughout the world. This company offers you cutting-edge technology, including vehicles, weaponry, and performance-enhancers. Your first assignment is to take down a vicious rebel faction called the Promise Hand. As you begin your battle, things seem a little strange. Little by little, you uncover the truth - to do the right thing, you must switch sides and fight with your nerves and brains instead of the best technology. Each side offers completely different weapons, techniques, and abilities for two different gameplay experiences.
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'Haze' Game Preview

'Haze' Game Preview

By Brian Leahy - Posted Oct 08, 2007

Haze is currently "exclusive" to the PlayStation 3 and will most likely stay that way, but who knows in this topsy-turvy industry. Regardless of what platform(s) it ends up on, it looks pretty good.

We spoke with David Doak of Free Radical all about Haze. He talks about Nectar, the drug that augments the soldiers in the game, and the company that uses it: Mantel.

He also has some praise for the PlayStation 3 and assures us that the game will release in 2007 with co-op and multiplayer.



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