Silent Hill: Homecoming Cheats - PS3

Game Description:Alex Shepherd is back, along with Alchemilla Hospital and zombie nurses. You must be back in Silent Hill. Watch as the world crumbles to pieces, literally (in a series first) in front of Alex's eyes. This time he tries to save his little brother, but instead is thrown into battle with horrifying creatures. Combat has been upgraded - Alex was a soldier, after all - so your attacks can be strung together in combos with evasive ducks and rolls. Don't get too comfy, though, because the AI has also been upgraded to counter Alex's proficiency. New monsters, new puzzles, and new dangers await you.
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Silent Hill: Homecoming Cheats

  • Unlock Young Alex

    Enter at the "Press Start"screen . The sound of a page turning will confirm that the cheat has worked .

    Code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle

  • Orderly Alex

    Obtain the "Hospital" Ending

  • UFO ending (you knew it was there)

    mustn't forgive thy father or mercy kill thy mother, but must save Wheeler.

  • Deputy Alex

    Obtain the "UFO" Ending

  • Hospital ending

    Forgive his father and do not kill his mother.

  • Bogeyman Helmet

    Obtain the "Bogeyman" Ending

  • Circular Saw(used by curtis)

    On your second play through, it is found in the Shepherd's family garage.

  • Drowning ending

    Dont forgive his father, and mercy kill his mother

  • Good ending

    Forgive Alex's father and show his mother mercy by killing her.

  • Bogeyman ending

    Dont forgive his father, dont mercy kill mother, and then save wheeler.

  • Laser Pistol

    In a second play though, it is found in Joshua's room on top of his foot locker

  • Order Soldier Outfit

    Obtain the "Drowning" Ending

  • Trucker Alex

    Obtain the "Good" Ending

  • Bonus Ending Scene

    Collect all 11 photos to get a bonus ending scene.

  • Restore some health

    If Alex is hurt to the point of limping, find a save point and save your game. If you reload the save, you will find that Alex is no longer limping and will have regained a small amount of health.

  • Meet Travis Grady

    The guy who gives Alex a ride into Shepherds Glen is Travis Grady, the main character in Silent Hill Origins.