Turok Cheats - PS3

Game Description:In the future, a former black-ops commando named Joseph Turok has joined an elite unit known only as Whiskey Company. Whiskey is tasked with taking down a war criminal named Roland Kane. The Whiskey Company ship is shot down en route to Kane's genetically altered planet. Now, it's up to you to enter the epic story and use Turok's military training to elude Kane's army and massive, bloodthirsty dinosaurs and insects, all intent on having you for dinner. Overwhelm the enemy with firepower or utilize quiet kill techniques with your knife or bow. Face the enemy head-on and grapple with dinosaurs, or make the terrible lizards attack your enemies!
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Turok Cheats

  • Infinite Life

    Pause the game and enter the following.

    Code: X, Circle, R1, R2, X, Circle, R1, R1

  • Infinite Health

    Pause the game and enter the following.

    Code: Hold L1 and press X, X, R1, R2, L2