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Game Description: DC Universe Online for PS3 is the first project out of Sony Online's Austin studio. This action-based MMO explores the various worlds of DC Comics' superheroes and villains. Key collaborators include comic veterans Jim Lee (who serves as the game's Executive Creative Director), Ale Garza, Carlos D'Anda, and Scott Iwahashi, in addition to EverQuest developers, Chris Cao and Shawn Lord.
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The Stories of DC Universe Online Comic-Con 2009 Archive

The Stories of DC Universe Online Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[11:34] Brian Leahy: "Welcome to the liveblog from The Stories of the DC Universe Online Panel at Comic-Con 2009.   We'll be starting shortly!"
[11:37] Patrick Klepek: "The DC Universe Online panel is running a little behind, thanks to a panel with rap star Ludacris that just finished."
[11:37] Patrick Klepek: "But I'm here, ready to roll. Also, ready for Comic-Con to be over. I am tired."
[11:45] Patrick Klepek: "We should be starting any second now. The panel is running really behind."
[11:47] Patrick Klepek: "We're starting....hosted by G4's own Blair Herter. Oh boy."
[11:47] Patrick Klepek: "Trailer rolling!"
[11:48] Patrick Klepek: "DC Universe Online, unlike the upcoming Champions Online, lets you become a hero or villain."
[11:48] Patrick Klepek: "Champions Online is waiting for a hopeful sequel to do the villain option."
[11:49] Patrick Klepek: "Everyone's introducing himself. Biggest applause for artist Jim Lee."
[11:49] Patrick Klepek: "Favorite flavor of ice cream? Chunky monkey."
[11:49] Patrick Klepek: "Mark Wolfman, more big applause.  "
[11:51] Patrick Klepek: "The game is about "building your own legacy," whether it's from the perspective of a hero or a villain. They're teasing the game will eventually allow you to become part of the JLA."
[11:52] Patrick Klepek: "The game has combed through all of Marvel history for the coolest moments, costumes, characters."
[11:52] Patrick Klepek: "Teasing the reason the world suddenly needs heroes and villains but they still aren't talking about what the catalyst for the game is."
[11:53] Patrick Klepek: "The story has remained under wraps since the announcement."
[11:53] Patrick Klepek: "Mark Wolfman says he'll submit a page of story and Sony Online Entertainment will suddenly spin that off into 60 missions."
[11:53] Patrick Klepek: "Wolfman said it's not much different from working on a comic; you submit your part of the development process and someone else builds on top of that."
[11:54] Patrick Klepek: "Blair is asking the panel about how they designed the game for expandable content.  "
[11:55] Patrick Klepek: "Like any comic, the game is about saving the world or destroying it."
[11:56] Patrick Klepek: "Wolfman is talking about the different kinds of stories in the game, including the overall story that has specific points the game comes back to and stories that are unrelated (i.e. side quests).  "
[11:57] Patrick Klepek: "One of the hardest things for Wolfman was coming up with ideas for villains because in DC Universe Online, the villain can wind."
[11:57] Patrick Klepek: "wind = win"
[11:57] Patrick Klepek: "Jim Lee just joked about a mission where Superman keeps showing up and you lose every time. Fun game, right?"
[11:59] Patrick Klepek: "Jim Lee said drawing the backside of a building for the first time was a weird moment. You always draw the front of everything in comics.  "
[12:00] Patrick Klepek: "The transition to 3D was jarring for him. You can't just change the shape of, say, Batman, in the next panel to emphasize a certain feeling."
[12:00] Patrick Klepek: "Lee never thinks about what the texture of something needs to look like. Comics don't require these kinds of details."
[12:01] Patrick Klepek: "The team had to come up with their own design for cities like Metropolis because there is no detailed map for the city. Even though there's 70 years of DC comics, there's no direct reference. They had to make it up on the fly."
[12:02] Patrick Klepek: "Even after they designed the layout, the game designers would need it changed in order to accommodate what works best for the game.  "
[12:04] Patrick Klepek: "Lee discussing how much emphasis was put into making the different locations distinct and iconic. If you are looking down the hallway of Gotham City, you will know  you're in Gotham City."
[12:06] Patrick Klepek: "DC Universe Online has a heavy use of physics in order to bring a sense of reality to a superhero world."
[12:07] Patrick Klepek: "It plays like more of a "console action game" than a traditional MMO. Honestly, that's the best news I've heard about this game. Thumbs up!"
[12:07] Patrick Klepek: "Q&A time!"
[12:08] Patrick Klepek: "Guy dressed as a Jedi Knight just approached the stage. The team responded: "There are no Jedi Knights in this game." Good to know."
[12:08] Patrick Klepek: "Jedi Knight just brought up the competition. Ooooh."
[12:09] Patrick Klepek: "DC team claims the other games are emphasizing "fashion over function" and DC Universe Online is driving meaning into the design choices YOU make."
[12:09] Patrick Klepek: "They don't want people to look the same at the end of the game because everyone is going after the same powerful armor."
[12:09] Patrick Klepek: "DC Universe Online comes with a cool option to keep your appearance the same, even if you collect new items that would typically change it.  "
[12:10] Patrick Klepek: "You can change and later the appearance as it goes along, but if you want to equip the super powerful late-game armor and keep the look you had on day one, you can. You will still get the stats bonuses from the equipment."
[12:10] Patrick Klepek: "later = alter"
[12:11] Patrick Klepek: "Guy is asking how they are going to respond to community feedback."
[12:12] Patrick Klepek: "Team is claiming they don't just read the message boards for feedback. The vocal 10% on the boards are not going to control the future of the game."
[12:12] Patrick Klepek: "The team is proud they showed the game so early because they wanted feedback from people early."
[12:13] Patrick Klepek: "Someone is asking about how the storyline will play out."
[12:15] Patrick Klepek: "Guy is grilling them about some of the other DC locations. Places other than Metropolis and Gotham City? The short answer: yes."
[12:16] Patrick Klepek: "The focus for the game's launch are events occurring on Earth. They seem to be leaving the option open for leaving Earth in future expansions."
[12:16] Patrick Klepek: "Gotham City and Metropolis are the main game locations, though. It's not like City of Heroes, they claim, where you're just aimlessly running around a city.  "
[12:17] Patrick Klepek: "They are clearly already thinking about expansions, but keeping tight lipped about it right now."
[12:18] Patrick Klepek: "Joke about Kandor (sp?) went right over my head."
[12:24] Patrick Klepek: "You can create sidekicks in the game."
[12:24] Patrick Klepek: "Even though Lee admits the concept of sidekicks is kind of creepy."
[12:24] Patrick Klepek: ""We can live in the same house!""
[12:25] Patrick Klepek: "There's a teenage body type for people who want to create sidekick-like characters."
[12:25] Patrick Klepek: "There will be "guilds" "legions" "societies"  "
[12:25] Patrick Klepek: "Will there be multiverse in the game?"
[12:26] Patrick Klepek: "No multiverse in the game, it sounds like.  "
[12:26] Patrick Klepek: "Superman Prime could come into the game "eventually."  "
[12:28] Patrick Klepek: "Release date?"
[12:29] Patrick Klepek: "Game is still "pre-Alpha" but they are close to hitting the Alpha stage on the game. After that, they'll start talking about future milestones, including a beta."
[12:29] Patrick Klepek: "Release date: spring 20something. "There will be a 2" at the beginning."
[12:29] Patrick Klepek: "In other words, no release date. :)"
[12:32] Patrick Klepek: "They're promising ALL of the characters from the DC world will make an appearance. That's a big promise."
[12:33] Patrick Klepek: "And with that, the panel wraps!"
[12:34] Patrick Klepek: "The game is playable at Comic Con, if you're here!"
[12:34] Patrick Klepek: "Thanks for reading, guys!"

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