Resistance: Fall of Man Cheats - PS3

Game Description:Mankind is on the brink of extinction. A mysterious alien species known as the Chimera has unleashed a virus that's ravaged Russia and Europe, mutating humans into Chimera. U.S. and English forces join together for a harrowing last stand in this epic struggle for survival. Step into a chaotic, war-torn world as U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. Nathan Hale and take the fate of the world into your hands. The gripping story takes a first-person shooter perspective and rewrites the history of the 20th century. Go beyond the thrilling single-player campaign with co-op split-screen multiplayer and an expansive, customizable online experience. Read our full interview with Insomniac Games' CEO Ted Price.
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Resistance: Fall of Man Cheats

  • Cloven bandanna

    Select online multi-player mode. Go to the "Soldier Loadout", then and press Start. Enter:

    Code: 8cba 3462 6595 14d4

  • Cloven bearded head

    Select online multi-player mode. Go to the "Soldier Loadout", then and press Start. Enter:

    Code: d708 6b08 0f1c b5f6

  • Cloven helmet

    Select online multi-player mode. Go to the "Soldier Loadout", then and press Start. Enter:

    Code: fa3e f1f4 61e1 f6e0

  • Cloven helmet with bandanna

    Select online multi-player mode. Go to the "Soldier Loadout", then and press Start. Enter:

    Code: a7f6 6e7c 05ec 1728

  • Cloven skin

    Select online multi-player mode. Go to the "Soldier Loadout", then and press Start. Enter:

    Code: a8f4 d189 68f8 559e

  • In For a Penny

    Kill three Hybrids with a single grenade.

  • Supersonic Meat Cubes

    Kill three Leapers with a Frag grenade.

  • Commando Camoflauge Uniform, Belt knife, Backpack

    Reach level 22 - Sergeant Major status online.

  • Backlash Grenade weapon

    Finish the game.

  • I Believe This Is Yours

    Use only Chimeran weapons to kill enemies in level 72.

  • In 1 Ear, Out the Other

    Get fuve headshots with L23Fareye in Nottingham.

  • Tag, You're It

    Kill five enemies with the Bullseye in thirty seconds.

  • Commando Body, Commando Standard Uniform, Head 4

    Commando Body, Commando Standard Uniform, Head 4 in Online mode

  • Movie Player

    Complete the game.

  • Movie Player

    Finish the game to unlock the movie player.

  • Concept Art Pack 2

    Get 20 skill points.

  • MP Soldier skin

    Complete the game under the Superhuman difficulty.

  • The Mighty Wrench

    Get 40 skill points.

  • Commando Leather Uniform, Chest Radio, Shirtless Skin

    Reach level 40 - Lieutenant Colonel status online.

  • Superhuman mode

    Finish the game under hard difficulty to unlock the Superhuman difficulty

  • Bedroll 2, Pouches, Pouch (Fanny Pack)

    Reach level 34 - Captain status online.

  • Too Many Secrets

    Collect all Intelligence reports.

  • Next Speed Trap, 50 miles

    Complete Somerset in less than 7:45.

  • Leapin' Lizards

    Take no damage from Rollers in the outskirts of London.

  • Gasping for Air

    Kill two Hybrids in a level only after severing all of their hoses.

  • Twirly-Whirly

    Kill five Menials with Bullseye Trap.

  • This Is My House

    Do not let Chimera stand on the mining platform for more than ten seconds in Bracknell..

  • This is My Rifle, This is My Gun

    Kill the Stalker in Manchester Traffic Circle using only the M5A2.

  • Flip Levels

    Get 70 skill points.

  • Turrets

    Use the Chimeran Sentry gun to kill six enemies.

  • UK Solider Body, British Green Uniform, Canteen 2

    Reach level 04 - Private First Class status online.

  • Nathan Hale skin, belt packs, shovel, backpack

    Reach level 60 - Supreme Commander (3 PIPS) status online.

  • Bonus weapons

    Finish the game" on the Medium difficulty setting to unlock the Reaper and Splitter. The Reaper is found near the beginning of the first level when you start a new game.

  • Lightfoot

    Take no damage from the mines in Manchester.

  • Acupuncture Is Cheaper

    Kill three enemies at once with the hedgehog.

  • Take no damage from Slipskulls in the outskirts of London.

    Fast Like The Tortoise

  • Concept Art Pack 1

    Get 10 skill points.

  • They Came From Behind

    Run over three Hybrids while driving in reverse.

  • 20th Sentry

    Do not get hit by a laser mine.

  • Personal Space Bubble

    Do not let any Menial grab you during level 30.

  • L11-2 Dragon weapon

    Finish the game.

  • British Brick Uniform, Grenade Pouch, Leather Packs

    Reach level 07 - Corporal status online.

  • British Camouflage Uniform, Knife, Head 10

    Reach level 58 - Supreme Commander status online.

  • Passive Aggressive

    Kill four Hybrids or Menials with non-weapon damage.

  • Pouches, Medic Helmet 2, Head 3

    Reach level 10 - Sergeant status online.

  • Camouflage Helmet, Leather Backpack, Back Holster

    Reach level 43 - Colonel status online.

  • Don't Worry, Insurance Has It Covered

    Break Chimeran Box in level 30.

  • Cartwright skin, Leather Pouch, Canteen

    Reach level 55 - General status online.

  • Head 6, British Desert Uniform, VTOL Pilot Skin

    Reach level 31 - Lieutenant status online.

  • Head 8, Canteen 1, Radio

    Reach level 46 - Brigadier General status online.

  • Chicks Dig Eyestrain

    Twenty Intelligence reports.

  • Head 9, American Helmet, American Arctic Uniform, Canteen

    Reach level 52 - Lieutenant General status online.

  • Chest Pouches, Head Pouches, Head 5

    Reach level 25 - Sergeant Major status online.

  • Mechanic skin

    Get 126 skill points.

  • Medic Helmet, Bedroll 1, Chute Pack

    Reach level 28 - Sergeant Major of the Army status online.

  • Misplaced Aggression

    Blow up all cars in town section of Somerset.

  • Head 7, British Helmet, Backpack

    Reach level 37 - Major status online.

  • Clank Backpacks

    Get 100 skill points.

  • Splitter weapon

    Finish the game.

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Destroy all glass objects in all three sections of the level.

  • British Goggles, Radio, Binoculars

    Reach level 16 - Staff Sergeant status online.

  • Homing Beacons

    Tag four Hybrids with the Bullseye.

  • US Solider Body, Head 1 and 2, Small Helmet, American Standard and Dirty Uniforms

    Reach level 01 - Private status online.

  • We've Lost the Security Deposit Anyway

    Break ten medical lamps.

  • Fetch

    Kill a Howler with a grenade.

  • Why Are These Candles Screaming?

    Kill eight Hybrids with fire in twenty seconds.

  • Winters Skin, American Advanced Uniform, Hip Bag

    Reach level 49 - Major General status online.

  • Reaper weapon

    Finish the game.

  • Chimera Pate

    Run over ten enemies with the tank in York.

  • I Can See My House From Here!

    Jump at least 50m in the LU-P Lynx in Cheddar Gorge.

  • Beret, American Camouflage Uniform

    Reach level 13 - Gunnery Sergeant status online.

  • Nowhere to Hide

    Kill five enemies in a level by shooting them through a wall with the Auger.

  • Lovely Parting Gifts

    Squat over fifteen dead Hybrids.

  • Mechanical Thumbs

    Complete the game under the Hard difficulty.

  • Reading Is Fun!

    Ten Intelligence reports.

  • Arc Charger weapon

    Finish the game.