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Game Description:Once again players assume the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist destined to save the Earth from hordes of gruesome alien attackers. Valve has created a fully realized world in Half-Life 2, with objects and characters that feature accurate physics properties, behaving with the appropriate mass, density, and physical properties of their real-life counterparts. Extremely intelligent computer AI result in enemies that plan, adapt, and respond to the player's actions. The next-gen console version comes packed with bonuses in addition to the genre-expanding original Half-Life 2 game. Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two add-on levels are also on the disc, as are the stunningly complex puzzle game Portal and the online phenomenon Team Fortress 2.
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  • Valve Replaces Pre-E3 Portal 2 Reveal With "Surprise"

    UPDATE: Valve has cancelled this event. So nope, we will not broadcasting at this event. However you can expect to see Valve on the G4 stage during our live E3 programming where we hope to show off Portal 2 and any other surprise Valve may have. Even when Valve toys and tortures, they still manage to do so with style and wit. Case in point, an...

    Posted June 1, 2010

    Valve Replaces Pre-E3 Portal 2 Reveal With "Surprise"
  • The Incredible And Hilarious History Of Portal's Aperture Science

    Valve’s mind-bending puzzler Portal contained some of the most innovative and compelling game design in recent memory, but perhaps the most memorable aspect of the game was its narrative and story structure. Giving players just enough info to keep them wanting to know more, creating hidden areas scrawled with cryptic messages about cakes...

    Posted March 25, 2010

    The Incredible And Hilarious History Of Portal's Aperture Science
  • X-Play Breaks Down the Best Games of the Decade

    The past decade in gaming featured some of the best games ever created, and X-Play is here to document that with this three-part look at the best that the aughts had to offer. Watch these videos and let us know if you agree or disagree with Adam and Morgan's assessment of the best of the 2000's. Is your favorite game represented in the...

    Posted January 14, 2010

    X-Play Breaks Down the Best Games of the Decade
  • Portal Designer Kim Swift Leaves Valve, Joins Dark Void Developer

    One of the masterminds behind Portal, Valve designer Kim Swift, has left the studio. Gamasutra reports Swift has left Valve to become a project lead at developer Airtight Games, who is currently finishing work on Dark Void for Capcom. It's unknown what project Swift will work on, but she will apparently be part of a team creating games aimed at...

    Posted December 7, 2009

    Portal Designer Kim Swift Leaves Valve, Joins Dark Void Developer
  • Valve: PS3 Owners Got "Stepchild" Version Of The Orange Box

    Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. Here's some console-war flame-bait to get the week started right! According to Valve head Doug Lombardi, the PlayStation 3 version of The Orange Box is inferior to the 360 and the PC versions. "If we were customers of that product on PlayStation, we'd feel like we sort of got the stepchild version of...

    Posted July 6, 2009

    Valve: PS3 Owners Got "Stepchild" Version Of The Orange Box
  • Valve Won't Develop On PS3 Again Until They Can Do It Right

    Hey, at least Valve's honest. The company has never expressed much interest in developing for PlayStation 3 and been pretty clear about their reasons. When Electronic Arts ported The Orange Box, it bummed out Valve because it hasn't supported the platform since then. In Billy's interview with co-founder Gabe Newell, he said Valve won't be...

    Posted June 12, 2009

    Valve Won't Develop On PS3 Again Until They Can Do It Right
  • Valve Reveals Lifetime Retail Sales for 'Half-Life', 'Counter-Strike'

    Valve has always been tight-lipped with their sales numbers, especially when it comes to sales made over Steam, but they released a ton of numbers today. The numbers show the lifetime sales at retail for most of their first-party games, but do not include sales on Steam. That remains a mystery and a closely guarded secret, but it's safe to...

    Posted December 3, 2008| 31 Comments

    Valve Reveals Lifetime Retail Sales for 'Half-Life', 'Counter-Strike'
  • Valve Wants to Study Your Brain

    Valve Co-founder Gabe Newell wants to do a scientific study on gamer's brains while they're playing so they can design and develop games even better. He published an extensive article about why and how he's so interested in making it happen. Valve is the company that brought us such fun things as The Orange Box, Left 4 Dead, and the Counter...

    Posted November 21, 2008| 38 Comments

    Valve Wants to Study Your Brain
  • No 'Team Fortress 2' Updates For PS3

    Valve executives Gabe Newell and Doug Lombardi said that updates for their FPS title, Team Fortress 2, will be not be making its way to the Playstation 3, according to 1UP's report. The updates, including the recent "Heavy Update", was released for the PC earlier this year and will make its way to the Xbox 360 version soon. Lombadi...

    Posted September 24, 2008| 25 Comments

    No 'Team Fortress 2' Updates For PS3
  • 'Heavy Update' Drops On The 360 This Year

    Xbox Live users, per your request, Valve will bring its "heavy update" (along with all previous updates) for Team Fortress 2 to the 360 later this year. So prepare you appetite for some "sandviches", an all new Arena mode and plenty of frag to go around. Valve didn't disclose a price yet for the update, as well as its...

    Posted August 22, 2008| 15 Comments

    'Heavy Update' Drops On The 360 This Year
  • G-Phoria Winners Are Announced!

    G-Phoria is over and we've got the winners! The past twelve months have been unprecedented in terms of quality games coming out for home consoles. Halo 3 narrowly topped the competition and won Game of the Year in the closest vote in G-Phoria history. Check under the cut for the full list of winners from G-Phoria 2008. Read More?

    Posted August 7, 2008| 625 Comments

    G-Phoria Winners Are Announced!
  • Valve "Happy" To Talk Buyouts With EA

    While EA's latest bid to acquire a certain company is taking longer than they expected, at least one prominent developer seems to be willing to take an offer from the third-party mega publisher. Valve VP Doug Lombardi said that he would be "happy to have that conversation" if EA approaches them with an offer. "We set up the deal...

    Posted August 5, 2008| 24 Comments

    Valve "Happy" To Talk Buyouts With EA
  • The Heavy is Next Class For Updates in 'Team Fortress 2'

    Team Fortress 2's Heavy class is the next on the list to receive unlockable weapons, gameplay tweaks, and achievements. There is no release date for this update. Valve's Robin Walker wants to "make the Heavy more viable when he has no Medic to pair with." The PC version of Team Fortress 2 has already seen updates to the Medic and Pyro...

    Posted July 2, 2008| 21 Comments

    The Heavy is Next Class For Updates in 'Team Fortress 2'
  • Nugget From The Net

    Check out the below video: It's GLaGPS--GlaDOS from Portal in GPS form. Passive-aggressive directions are yours to enjoy. (via Kotaku)

    Posted June 30, 2008| 6 Comments

    Nugget From The Net
  • 'Rock Band': "Still Alive" Available Now

    Looks like Still Alive slipped onto the Xbox Live Marketplace a bit early. It's available for download now. The PS3 version will probably still arrive on Thursday. Go forth and download!

    Posted March 31, 2008| 17 Comments

    'Rock Band': "Still Alive" Available Now
  • X-Play Presents The Best Games of the Decade Part 3

    Posted: January 14, 2010

    23,046 Views | 03:16

  • Morgan's Deals: Great Games at Discount Prices

    Posted: October 16, 2009

    16,085 Views | 02:14

  • Games for Cheap Bastards: Black Friday Edition

    Posted: November 26, 2008

    5,942 Views | 02:21 | 3 Comments

  • G-Phoria 08: Best Voice Acting

    Posted: August 7, 2008

    3,654 Views | 01:39 | 1 Comment

  • G-Phoria 08: Best Shooter

    Posted: August 7, 2008

    4,486 Views | 01:40 | 4 Comments

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