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Game Description:When your family has been destroyed and your clan's most treasured artifact has been threatened, it's up to you to seek revenge. You play Nariko, a fiery red-haired warrior who takes up the ancient Heavenly Sword to defeat the invading king and his army. However, the more Nariko wields the sword, the more it slowly drains her life-force, ensuring her death within hours. Cut your way through a swarm of enemies using the transforming sword and develop your own fighting style on the fly. It's no picnic, though, because your enemies will use advanced tactics in their attempts to bring you down. The game brings all the power of the PS3 system to bear for a gorgeous and incredible final battle!
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Heavenly Sword News

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  • Ninja Theory Developing New Game For Namco Bandai

    Just because Sony wasn't interested in moving forward immediately with Heavenly Sword 2 doesn't mean developer Ninja Theory has fallen off the map. At its GamesCom 2009 press conference, Namco Bandai revealed it would be publishing Ninja Theory's next game on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There's no release date, no title, no other details...

    Posted August 19, 2009

    Ninja Theory Developing New Game For Namco Bandai
  • No 'Heavenly Sword 2'?

    There's a rumor that Heavenly Sword 2 has been cancelled by Sony, as it is seemed no longer commercially viable. This seems like an unlikely reason considering the first game did pretty well with nearly a million sold and it got decent reviews. It seems like if they fix the gameplay length issue and put out a game comparable in scope to...

    Posted June 17, 2008| 21 Comments

    No 'Heavenly Sword 2'?
  • 'Heavenly Sword' Dev Now PS3/360

    Ninja Theory, the development studio behind Heavenly Sword, has announced that their next game will be appearing on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. "It's a brutal environment out there for an independent, particularly considering the size of the games that we're developing," said Ninja Theory co-founder Nina Kristensen. Read More?

    Posted April 22, 2008| 106 Comments

    'Heavenly Sword' Dev Now PS3/360
  • Games For Cheap Bastards: Holiday Edition

    Posted: December 17, 2008

    5,966 Views | 02:04 | 2 Comments

  • Toughest Boss Battles

    Posted: April 2, 2008

    7,330 Views | 03:16 | 7 Comments

  • Heavenly Sword: Flying Fox

    Posted: February 4, 2008

    5,416 Views | 02:27 | 4 Comments

  • Best of 2007: Best New Character

    Posted: December 17, 2007

    11,161 Views | 02:25

  • Best of 2007: Best Animation

    Posted: December 17, 2007

    5,776 Views | 02:36 | 2 Comments


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