Time Crisis 2 Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Namco
  • Genre:Shooter
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Oct 2, 2001
  • # of Players:2 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:NOTE: As a rental, this game does not include the Guncon 2. This light-gun shooter is a port from a popular arcade title. However, some extra features have been added to keep console players engaged. Gamers can now play in either story or mission modes. There are also four extra mini games, Agent Trainer, Quick and Crash, Shoot Away 2, and Crisis Mission. Each mode contains several stages and unlockable features. A good amount of different weapons are available as well as different "views" to watch the action. Players also have the option of competing in two-player split screen, link, or one player double-gun modes.
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Time Crisis 2 Cheats

  • Additional Quick and Crash Game Modes

    To access the additional Game Modes, "Chain Hit Game", "One Shot Game" and "10 Second Game", you must achieve higher than fifth place in the Standard Difficulty level. The Target will change in the "Chain Hit Game" as below: 0-48: A cup 49-98: A piggy bank 99-148: A filament light bulb 149-173: Pac-Man 174-198: Cosmo 199-223: Mappy 224-253:...

  • Bonus points Stage 1, Area 1

    Immediately before Keith and Robert take separate ways in the middle of the stage is a oil tanker in the background. Shoot it down for 10,000+ points.

  • Unlimited credits

    Intentionally lose the game in story mode. The next time story mode is played, there will be one more credit available. The number of credits will be unlimited (free play mode) after the game is lost with nine credits.

  • Bonus points Crisis Mission Day 3, Mission 4

    When you reach the big boats, destroy the first boat, When you get up to the second boat with the two guns on the back, quickly defeat them and a third one will appear. Defeat this one and you will get a bonus 10,000 points.

  • Crisis Mission

    This Mission appears in the extra games. To enable Day 1 of the mission, complete the Story Mode once. To enable the Extra Mission, complete 4 Day Missions out of 5. To enable Final Mission 2, complete all extra missions not including the Final Day.

  • Shoot Away 2 Extra Mode

    Near perfect in points in the Arcade Original Mode (Retro).

  • Auto Reload

    Complete the Story Mode at any difficulty level using your Auto Bullets and you will then be entitled to unlimited firepower with your gun.

  • Stage Trial 3

    At any difficulty level complete Stage 2 of the Story Mode.

  • Auto Bullets

    Complete the Story Mode twice at any difficulty level to unlock the capacity to fire 20 bullets in one trigger.

  • Wide Shots

    Complete the Story Mode at any difficulty level with the Auto Reload function to enable your firearm to shoot wide shots (shot-gun type with 9 bullets per reload).

  • Stage Trial 2

    At any difficulty level complete Stage 1 of the Story Mode.

  • Music Player

    Complete the final mission of the Crisis Mission.

  • Mirror mode

    Complete the Story Mode without using the "Continue" function.

  • Shoot Away 2 arrange mode

    Near perfect in the arcade original mode (Retro). You will receive bonus points if you hit two clay pigeons with one bullet.