Spyro 2: Enter The Dragonfly Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Spyro the dragon is back again to save the day in Enter the Dragonfly. With beautiful graphics and animations, you'll take Spyro on a quest to rescue the Dragonflies of the Dragon Realm from the evil schemes of Ripto and Gnasty Gnorc. Spyro will adventure through 30 fantastical environments, including Tornadoes, Monsoons, Snowflakes and Rainbows. He will overcome obstacles, collect gems, and ride tanks, UFO's, rockets and surfboards. Spyro also has new powers, including bubble, electric and ice breath.
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Spyro 2: Enter The Dragonfly Cheats

  • Infinite Lives

    Enter the following at the title screen.

    Code: Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Up, Down, Square

  • The whole first level under water

    First, go to the Dojo and get electric breath. Then, exit the level and go to the first level (where the dragon statue is) and make the dragon statue grant you the power of electric breath. After that, go to the electric breath gate and open it. Go in and find the place that has the huge pool, lake, creek, or whatever you call it. Jump in. Go...

  • Dragon Realm Unlimited lives

    In the Dragon Realm (the one with the Dragon Spirit) go towards the Dragon Dojo. There will be three sheep. Kill them, then go across the river and kill the three sheep there. Then, return and kill the first set of three sheep. Keep doing this until you get the desired amount of lives.

  • Extra lives

    \For every eight butterflies that Sparx eats you will gain you an extra life. In any level, if your dragonfly is yellow, find a jar with a butterfly in it and eat it. This only gives you one life.

  • Dragonfly

    Approach a dragonfly slowly so that it does not fly away from you. It still will run away -- try a jump spin move.

  • Upside down gems

    Flame a chest or char a vase. If done correctly, will have upside down or sideways gems.

  • Finding Gems

    Press and hold L3 + R3 upon beating Ripto and Sparks will point you in the direction of the nearest Gem.