FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:The perfect pitch gets even better in FIFA Soccer 09. Take the field with the world's top players and teams, this time with more than 500 new animations that add up to the biggest power boost for FIFA's game engine in four years. The new Collision Detection System lets players play - and collide - according to their size, speed, direction, and strength. During each collision, realistic physics determine who wins the ball. Boosted on-field acceleration abilities create quicker first steps and blazing attack runs. Four new skill moves - rainbow flicks, heel-to-heel knocks, ball rolls, and scoop turns - give you 32 tricks in all, enough to make even Ronaldinho proud.
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FIFA Soccer 09 Cheats

  • Shoot From Anywhere

    You first have to begin the game and pick Game Modes at the main menu. When you start the match enter this cheat code.

    Code: L1, L1, L2, X, X, L2

  • Shoot from the halfway line

    Enter the following while playing the game.

    Code: X, Circle, Square, Triangle, L1, X, Square

  • Good Young Player

    Walter(ST) plays in the brazilian league and is really cheap he is a good buy and scores lots of goals. He gets up to 87 on his own but ive trained him to 93.

  • Manager Mode Make Money!

    Say If You become Chelsea, if you buy Christiano Ronaldo for £34,00,000 you can sell him to A big club for even more! For Example: Chelsea buys Christiano Ronaldo for £34,00,000 Liverpool buys Christiano Ronaldo for £39,00,000. That gives you £5,00,000 extra cash!

  • Big Money

    Make a 99 overall player and then put him in the team that you like before you start your manger mode. Then, list him for sale and since his stats are so high you'll get big money.

  • Easy Money

    Try to go into transfer and search for players without contract. Buy them at the highest price and don't let them play any mathches. Then sell them again and you will earn a lot of money (if you are in a smaller club this will be even better). Set the players' wages down as far as you can.

  • Easy Free Kick

    Try getting yourself a free kick. Remember, the closer you are to the goal, the harder the task for you you score a goal. Just aim your ball a the side of the goal (opposite of the goal keeper). Then, try kicking the ball with small amount of power (large amount of power will only make the ball fly higher).