Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:A lot of games talk about evolution. Pro Evolution Soccer really means it. The franchise, already known for fluid and realistic play, is ready to adapt to your game - and counter it! The remarkable new AI Teamvision system tracks your attack style, counters your movements, and tries to take advantage of your on-field errors, creating the most realistic tactical football experience yet. The actual gameplay has been fine-tuned, with new set pieces and controls available. Just about any star you can imagine is at your disposal, with an extensive roster of licensed national and club teams that includes thousands of footballers from hundreds of teams.
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Cheats

  • Barcelona wins

    Enter the following at the main menu.

    Code: X, X, Circle, L1, R2, Circle, L2

  • Easy Wins

    Manchester United. Formation 4-4-2, c5 with Vidic in defence, Carrick in the middle, and Saha in attack

  • Flip Flap

    This trick is called flip flap u can only do it with C. Ronaldo Ronaldinho kaka those who have skills. Press L1 twice or more fast.

  • Using second kicker for free kicks

    press R1+R2 in a free kick in your oppesitions half to stand over the ball. press L1+X to knock the ball forwards from the player standing over the ball. Press L1 + Circle/Square for the player standing over the ball to take the cross/shot.

  • Super Cross

    When you're playing Pro 8 you'll need a super cross, so hold L1 and tap Circle and it will give you a super ball in.