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Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
Game Description:Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix is the remixed Japanese re-release of Kingdom Hearts II, featuring the additions made to the English version of KHII (including English dialog, new scenes not in the original version and other enhancements) as well as much more. New bosses and playable sequences add to the Final Mix (based on the KH manga as well as one scene expanded from the original video-only battle), and a retuned difficulty make the game more complex. Also added is Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories, a fully 3D remake of the Game Boy Advance title with a newly-redesigned battle system (based on the KHII Reaction system), new cards, new boss battles, new game scenes, full cinematics and voice dialog, and cross-play data between Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and the GBA game. As a special bonus, the Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix - Birth By Sleep trailer is included.
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Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix News

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  • Did Mickey Mouse Screw Donald Duck Out Of The Lead Role In Kingdom Hearts?

    It's no secret that Disney's Mickey Mouse has been shafting Donald Duck for decades. I never understood the rodent's motivation, but time and time again he's swerved his fowl friend. In a recent interview with Famitsu (translated by 1Up), Square Enix director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Disney wanted to cast Donald Duck as the leading...

    Posted July 9, 2009

    Did Mickey Mouse Screw Donald Duck Out Of The Lead Role In Kingdom Hearts?
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    Posted: April 1, 2011

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  • X-Play's Spoiler Theater: Kingdom Hearts 2

    Posted: March 26, 2007

    3,473 Views | 01:58

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