Major League Baseball 2K6 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:The chase for a World Series ring begins again with MLB 2K6! Headlining this year's new features is the exclusive Inside Edge, which puts three years of scouting reports into every player, pitch, and swing, producing ultra-realistic player performance and behavior. Pinpoint your delivery with new Payoff Pitching, challenge the umps' calls, and relive key plays with flashback highlights. 2K Sports' exclusive VIPs (Virtual Identity Profiles), now available for MLB, lets you save other player's profiles. Compete against them when they're not around or learn their tendencies for more intense in-person battles! Other new features include World Baseball Classic Mode and a Franchise Mode where every decision affects player morale.
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Major League Baseball 2K6 Cheats

  • Bouncy ball

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    Code: Crazy Hops

  • Crazy pitches

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    Code: Unhittable

  • Every bonus

    Submit the case-sensitive code Derek Jeter to unlock every jersey, stadium, team, arcade game, and cheat that can be purchased. This code unlocks six of the first seven skybox cheats.

    Code: Derek Jeter

  • Rocket arms

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    Code: Gotcha

  • Super wall climbs

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    Code: Last Chance

  • Topps 2K6 All-stars

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    Code: Dream Team

  • Oakland A's roster

    On the Oakland A's default roster, you will notice that they have Milton Bradley, Antonio Perez and Andre Ethier on the team. This is incorrect because the Dodgers traded Bradley and Perez to Oakland in exchange for Ethier. Therefore, all three players cannot be on the same team.

  • Easy perfect game

    Play an exhibition game with two controllers and defeat your opponent without them getting a hit or a walk. If the winning side is using a profile, that profile will be credited with a perfect game. This is also an easy way to earn tokens.