Utawareru Mono - PS2

Utawareru Mono
Game Description:Utawareru Mono is split into adventure parts and simulation RPG sequences. You play as Hakuoro, a masked man who lost his memory as the result of some great injury that he incurred in a village on the frontier. Hakuoro is unable to remove the mysterious mask that covers his face. He lives in the same village as a young girl called Eruru and her younger sister Aruru, and works to help develop the village. The game follows the path of Hakuoro as he works in the village and serves in a resistance force. This port of the PC game includes a number of improvements to to give players a greater sense of being a part of the action. Players will be able to equip items to characters as well as take part in a number of new gameplay systems. The story benefit sfrom added event scenes and full voice, with the game using the same voice acting staff that is working on the Utawareru Mono television animation.
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