The Bible Game Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Faith and fun merge in this rewarding action/adventure trivia challenge based on the Bible. Test your knowledge in an interactive quiz-show-style party game with 1,500 questions about the Old Testament. A golden-voiced host keeps the action moving, while a goofy off-screen announcer tosses in some comic relief. Twenty mini-games bring the Bible to life through inspiring challenges based on the stories of Noah's Ark, David and Goliath, Jacob's Ladder, and more. Up to four players can try to beat the buzzer in wholesome, interactive gameplay the whole family can enjoy together.
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The Bible Game Cheats

  • Challenge Games 10

    Avoid your opponents as much as possible and avoid edges so you have a smaller chance of getting bumped into the water.

  • Challenge Games 13

    Smash the A button towards the end when a ton of red snakes will appear

  • Challenge Games 16

    Avoid fighting over control of a single trap.

  • Challenge Games 19

    The farther you run along the wall, the more points you'll receive.

  • Challenge Games 3

    Wait for your cursor to slow down for more accurate targeting.

  • Challenge Games 5

    Wait to see a pair before selecting the first picture to speed up your matches.

  • Challenge Games 6

    Other players have the ability to steal your first selection therefore you must pay attention

  • Challenge Games 8

    Pick sections further away from opponents so you have a lesser chance of them interrupting your work.

  • Challenge Games 18

    The super manna are worth more points

  • Challenge Games 1

    Targets that are farther away are worth more points than the closer targets.

  • Challenge Games 11

    Pressing the A button when a ball is in the bowl will remove it.

  • Challenge Games 20

    Avoid the small pots that will slow you down.

  • Challenge Games 4

    Before the game begins, look for pairs that are close to each other. This should be your first match.

  • Challenge Games 14

    Certain snakes will home in on you after you hit them once so be ready to defend yourself

  • Challenge Games 17

    When a lion is chasing you, he may increase speed so get to a trap as fast as you can

  • Challenge Games 2

    Hit Goliath in the forehead for a big score.

  • Challenge Games 12

    Be sure to adjust the height of your player consistently as opposed to just repeatedly pressing the A button.

  • Challenge Games 15

    You get points for simply touching idols so try to bounce idols off walls for a bit before sending them into the pot.

  • Challenge Games 7

    Climb as far as you can within the alotted time limit. The farther you climb, the more points you will recieve.

  • Challenge Games 9

    Move the cursor as fast as you can to speed up the process a bit.