Shadow the Hedgehog Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: SEGA Studio USA
  • Release Date:Nov 16, 2005
  • # of Players:2 players
  • ESRB:U - Unknown (Titles rated "Everyone 10+ (E10+)" may be suitable for ages 10 and older. They may contain cartoon, fantasy, or mild violence, mild language, and/or minimal suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Shadow, a favorite from the Sonic universe, finally gets his very own game! In Shadow the Hedgehog, you must uncover the secrets behind Shadow's creation in 50 missions. As you adventure through this dynamic platform-shooter, you will fight aliens, Dr. Eggman and the G.U.N. Army. You will use bazookas, blasters, and worm-shooters as you race on motorcycles, SUV's and alien crafts. As you search for the seven Chaos Emeralds you'll get closer and closer to either destroying or saving the world!
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    3.3 / 5
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Shadow the Hedgehog Cheats

  • Infinite Health

    Enter the following while playing the game.

    Code: X, R1, L2, Square, R2

  • Key bonuses

    By collecting all five hidden keys in the indicated level you will unlock the corresponding bonus behind the five-keyed doors: Air Fleet: Air Saucer Black Comet: Two Turrets Central City: Air Saucer Circus Park: Extra shooting gallery Cosmic Fall: Switch that makes ring trails to the end of the level Cryptic Castle: Shortcut Death Ruins:...

  • Samurai Blade

    Finish the Dark story line

  • Omochao Gun

    Finish the Semi Hero story line.

  • Two player mode

    Use the controller two to unlock the Hero characters, such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, etc. This does not work with Doom's Eye. It also works with Maria. REMEMBER: They cannot pick up guns.

  • Satellite Laser

    Finish the Semi Dark story line

  • Library sequences

    After finishing the indicated type of story mode missions you will unlock the corresponding intermission sequences at the Library. A Missive From 50 Years Ago (326): Six Hero missions (Hero final Boss). A New Empire's Beginning (164): Six Neutral missions (Hero final Boss) Compensation for a Miracle (182): Two Neutral, one Neutral, three...

  • All Hail Shadow song

    Finish the Hero story line.

  • All Of Me song (full version)

    Finish the Last Story.

  • Almost Dead song

    Finish the Dark story line.

  • Shadow Rifle

    Finish the Last Story.

  • Unlock Egg Vaccum

    Clear neutrals mode/get all chaos emeralds

  • Songs

    After finishing the indicated task you will unlock the corresponding song: Air Fleet Theme: Play the Air Fleet level. All Of Me: Finish the Last Story. All Hail Shadow: Finish the Hero story line. Almost Dead: Finish the Dark story line. Black Bull Boss Theme: Defeat Black Bull. Black Comet Theme: Play the Black Comet level. Black Doom...

  • Heal Cannon

    Finish the Hero story line.

  • Chosen One song

    Finish the Semi Hero story line.

  • Unlock secret weapon Shadow Rifle

    Beat "Last Story".

  • Level 2 weapons

    Finish both the Hero and Dark versions of a story line.

  • Expert mode

    Get "A" ranks in all stages in the game.

  • Unlock Last Story

    Beat every 6th stage in story mode, and see the hero and dark endings for each. (10 endings in all)

  • Unlock Expert Mode

    Get all 71 "A" rankings.