Tak: The Great Juju Challenge Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge is tougher than ever. But it's worth it - pull it off, and receive the grandest reward ever given by the Great Jujus! Shaman and unlikely hero Tak is back for another adventure. He and his former rival Lok are representing the Pupanunu tribe in The Great Juju Challenge. They'll have to overcome obstacles including wild animals, menacing new tribes, and Jujus, not to mention competition from other teams! This platformer incorporates puzzles, time-based strategy, and an extensive battle system. Use shaman upgrades and bonus blessings to customize Tak and Lok. Alternate both characters in single-player mode or join a friend in co-op play.
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Tak: The Great Juju Challenge Cheats

  • Bonuses

    Bonuses: Go under Juju potions. Select "Universal Card". Then, put in the following numbers for bugs, crystals, and fruits. Particle effects: 24, 40, 11 More particle effects: 48, 57, 57 Bonus music: 6, 18, 3 More bonus music: 67, 8, 20 Bonus sound effects: 20, 17, 5 More bonus sound effects: 50, 84, 92 Juju concept art: 33, 22, 28 Vehicle...

  • Lok floats

    In the first level (after the tutorial), go to the first part where there is a rhino, then switch to Lok. Get on the rhino. When the rhino clears a path through the thorny plants, run the rhino into the vines. Lok might climb nothing, so it appears as if Lok is floating.