Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden 2nd (Girlfriend of Steel 2) - PS2

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden 2nd (Girlfriend of Steel 2)
Game Description:PS2 port of the PC sequel to the adventure/dating sim game side-story to the blockbuster anime. Features simple choose-your-own-adventure gameplay through still frames story sequences (drawn by Gainax.) Taking place in the mind of troubled main character Shinji Hikari (the world in the game is actually the product of Shinji pondergin the question "What am I capable of?"), the game centers on Shinji's relationship with fellow Evangelion pilots Asuka and Rei Ayanami. Players will get to choose which of the two Shinji loves most while looking at high res drawings of them in bathing suits and school girl outfits. Battle scenes also make it into the game, although we doubt you'll actually do any fighting.
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