The Splatter Action - PS2

The Splatter Action
Game Description:Volume 64 installment in D3's Simple 2000 Series of budget game titles. The Splatter Action has players slip into the role of scarecrow Kakashi who takes on a host of nasty creatures with the help of his trusty chainsaw in order to avenge his parents who were injured when the evil Jagado took over the world. You can make use of your bare hands, punching and kicking your way past creatures of the night, or switch to a chainsaw mode and use something a bit stronger against your enemies. Don't use the chainsaw too much, though, as its gas supply slowly depletes. Collect coins by defeating enemies in order to purchase recovery and special action items from a shop that appears at the start of each of the game's seven stages. The game features seven different stages, multiple endings depending on the player's performance, and an "another story" mode that mixes around enemy locations for more replay value.
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