Kappa no Kaikata: How to Breed Kappas - PS2

Kappa no Kaikata: How to Breed Kappas
Game Description:Konami's PlayStation 2 Kappa adventure game, based on the TV anime of the same name. The story takes places in Showa 40 and follows the story of a young boy named Hiroshi, who's forced to spend his summer at his grandparent's house. Hiroshi's grandparents have these green, prank-prone creatures called Kappas, and you earn your keep by raising them -- teaching them manners, guiding them and so-forth. The game includes over thirty manners which can be taught to the Kappas. As you play, you'll take part in Kappa versus Kappa sumo fights and try out mini games that are set up similar to Dance Dance. A Kappa is a turtle-like creature from Japanese mythology with a shell and an indentation on its head that has to permanently be filled with water.
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