Robots Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Rodney Copperbottom is a genius inventor. He's also a robot. Moving to the big city to work for the company founded by his childhood hero, Rodney runs into a big challenge. Rodney uncovers a plot to enslave the city and it's up to him to save the day! Along the way Rodney makes new friends, rides in wild robot vehicles, teams up with Wonderbot to solve puzzles, and battles bad bots. Based on Robots the Movie, Robots the game takes full advantage of a sci-fi universe filled with intrigue and wonder.
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Robots Cheats

  • Big head mode

    Pause your game, then enter code

    Code: quickly press Up, Down(2), Up, Right(2), Left ,Right. .

  • Unlimited health

    Pause your game, then enter code

    Code: quickly press Up, Right, Down, Up, Left ,Down, Right, Left.

  • Unlimited scrap

    Pause your game, then enter code

    Code: quickly press Down(2), Left ,Up(2), Right, Up, Down.

  • Make Rodney's butt burn

    Slide a lot of times and Rodney's butt will burn. However, this will not reduce his health.

  • How to beat Ratchet's robots

    When you get to Ratchet's huge robots with big blue eyes, try to destroy as many of them as you can. Wait until one of the robots' eyes open up and turn blue. Shoot the blue eye before it closes back up with one shot. The next part is much more difficult. You must battle Ratchet on top of his machines. Be careful -- he can do three moves: order...

  • Sewer Showdown Defeating The Sewer Bot

    When you fight the Sewer Bot, he uses two attacks. He hits a cannon and fires one or two sewer water balls; and fires one or two robot dogs from a separate cannon. REMEMBER: After the Sewer Bot has shot from all, or a few cannons, he will have to reactivate them. However, Rodney's cannons reactivate automatically after awhile. When the sewer bot...

  • Half-pipe holes

    On the "Half-Pipe" thing when you are rolling around, you can fly over the holes in the side by going as fast as you can and jump over the side with the hole.

  • Rodney says jokes

    When you destroy a bad robot, sometimes Rodney will say jokes.

  • Extra Scrap

    To Collect Extra scrap without ACTUALLY collecting it, you must get to the part with the Scrap gun, the aiming test, first before hitting the target hit everything else, run out of scrap and Rodney's dad will give you 10 more scrap than you had before.