Kikou Seiki G-Breaker: Daisanshi Cloudia Taisen - PS2

Kikou Seiki G-Breaker: Daisanshi Cloudia Taisen
Game Description:From the same studios responsible for such popular mech franchises as Gundam and Getter Robo comes Kikou Seiki G-Breaker: Daisanshi Cloudia Taisen. More casually known as "Ground Breakers" and designed by renowned Macross and Gatchaman artists, G-Breaker tells the story of the planet Cloudia and its ongoing war between two arguing factions. As a member of the Cloud Force, players will test their mettle against the legions of Deon on grid-lain battlefields. Though the majority of the action is played out Armored Core style via the third-person perspective, the game also incorporates a heavy dose of strategy by allowing users to command support units through their tactical map. Released only in Japan.
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