Toudai Shogi: Shikenbisha Dojo - PS2

Toudai Shogi: Shikenbisha Dojo
Game Description:A popular board game in Japan, Toudai Shogi: Shikenbisha Dojo works like this: two players sit opposite each other, peering down upon a wooden battlefield which measures 9 x 9. Twenty pieces make up the court for each side, including generals, knights, bishops, and the cannon fodder pawns. Similar to Western chess, the goal is to capture the king and neutralize their opponent. Unlike chess, rival forces that are captured are not removed from the board but rather reinforce the conquering side to enjoin the battle later in the game. Another tactical tangent is the ability for venturing pawns and other pieces for promotion. A lowly pawn can transform into a golden general should it reach the opposing side. Released only in Japan.
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