Duel Masters Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Fans of the original game will not be disappointed. Inspired by the original card-battling game and Duel Masters TV series, Duel Masters for PS2 is a action-packed card game where creatures galore battle it out, under your command. In Story Mode you can play as one of five characters and view cut-scenes that pull it all together. Or you can opt for Arcade Mode, which loses the cut-scenes and puts you head-to-head with the computer or second player. Arcade Mode features 20 characters that you unlock as you go. Or break with typical Duel Masters tradition and try Extreme Mode, featuring real-time, timed matches.
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Duel Masters Cheats

  • Instant win

    Enter The cheat when you're in a duel.

    Code: Hold R3 and press L1, R1, L1

  • Player 2 instant win

    While in a duel enter the following.

    Code: Hold R3 Press R1, L1, R1

  • Unlock Widow and Knight and play in Tournament

    Goto Story mode and Play as one of the Characters That you haven't started on yet, then duel the first couple of people using the Instant win Cheat then go to see what your mission is.Next go to that place and it should take you into the Tournament And defeat the tournament using the Instant Win Cheat (This does not give you the 5 cards)

  • Unlock Widow and Knight

    Go on Story mode and chose the fire dude. You will be at the park. Duel the first two duelists there and beat them. Then go to the restaurant and go back to the park and it should take you directly to tournament then beat the tournament.