NHL 2005 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Electronic Arts returns for its 13th year as a pro hockey simulator. With NHL 2005, EA's open ice control allows you to seamlessly switch between players with or without the puck, call for passes, set up vicious one-timers, drive the net for a deflection, or call for a defensive double team on the fly. An all-new skating engine emphasizes gliding and accelerating, while backwards skating allows for unprecedented defensive precision and control. NHL 2005 also features all the teams and locations of the World Cup of Hockey, a deeper Dynasty Mode with PDA and e-mail capabilities, major online play, and player-specific AI. Online play requires Ethernet Broadband or Analog Modem and Network Adapter for 2 players.
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NHL 2005 Cheats

  • How to unlock videos

    After you press Start at the title screen, different videos will appear. You can unlock more videos by playing with different teams and leagues.

  • How to change the song

    Press L3 to change the current song.

  • Easy goals

    Every European team in the World Cup of Hockey, every goalie will let in hard wrist shots from either the right or left.

  • More breakaways

    Most aggressive face-off formations have a far winger. Shooting or passing the puck in his direction might lead to some breakaways.

  • Deflections

    Deflections can be done the same way as a one-timer. Shoot from the point and press Shoot again with players in front.