Koufuku Sousakan - PS2

Koufuku Sousakan
Game Description:Peeping Tom simulation, set in the year 21XX. Using so-called CLOVER technology, the people of the future can transfer their consciousness into a virtual world insider a computer. It's billed as the next step up from MMO games -- but as expected, things don't go well. The 100 people selected to test out the system end up trapped inside CLOVER with no way out. You take on the role of the project manager and try to keep the 100 from freaking out. This is done by helping them lead normal lives inside CLOVER and getting them to believe that everything is as it should be. This translates to you watching the mini-population interact, getting them to date, and so on. There is of course a major obstacle: a secret 101st test subject, intent on undoing all your progress. Only released in Japan.
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