Crash Twinsanity Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Crash Bandicoot returns in his wildest, whackiest adventure yet! When Crash's island is in danger he surprisingly turns to arch-enemy Dr. Neo Cortex for help! Combining their powers, the two set out on a dynamic duo adventure a la Whiplash and Ratchet & Clank. Together and in tandem, they will twin slam, rollerbrawl and humili-skate! Along the way they will have to fight intelligent and elusive enemies, including the Evil Twins and the 60 foot MechBandicoot robot! Always on the cutting edge, Crash Bandicoot's latest adventure features seamless gameplay, with no loading between screens and levels, making Crash Twinsanity non-stop trip through virtual reality!
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Crash Twinsanity Cheats

  • Concept Art

    Purple Gem

  • Bonus FMV sequence

    Get a 100% game completion rank to unlock a bonus FMV sequence.

  • Unlock Dingodile

    defeat Dingodile without getting hit and then when you die or load game, your character is now Dingodile.

  • Enemy Gallery

    Green Gem

  • Storyboard

    Red Gem

  • Unseen Gallery

    Yellow Gem

  • Video

    Clear Gem

  • Boss Gallery

    Blue Gem

  • How to beat Cortex

    Avoid the shots and bombs of Cortex. After that, he will fire big green balls at you. When they reach you, throw them back by spinning. Do this three times.

  • Easier jumps to small platforms

    If you have trouble jumping and landing on small platforms, just aim the camera with the Right Analog-stick to watch from above, then jump.

  • How to beat N. Gin

    When you arrive at N. Gin's crows nest, he will blast three series of rockets at you. Avoid them, and go near a holder with spikes. When he throws a TNT crate at you, get away. If done correctly, the holder will break after the TNT crate explodes. Repeat

  • How to beat the Totem God Boss

    In the beginning the boss uses punches in the ground that create small shockwaves. Simply run in a circle to avoid them.  When he starts breathing in, throw Cortex into his mouth, kill the tiny golems as necessary, then grab Cortex when he gets spat back

  • How to beat the Totum Hokum Boss

    Avoid all slams of the big Totum Hokum Boss. When he opens his mouth, you will see sonic beams. You do not have to be careful about them because they will not harm you. When he opens his mouth, throw Cortex in it. Repeat this a few times to defeat him.

  • The final boss

    When you are Nina you go to the laser platforms, use the hooks to travell up when you are at the top destroy the lasers that contain flying balls, do this to the other to platforms. When you are Cortex you rapid fire at the laser that charges up, once you have destroyed the laser go to the far end of the big platform and when ever the big boss...