3LDK: Shiawase Ni Narouyo - PS2

3LDK: Shiawase Ni Narouyo
Game Description:The name "3LDK" comes from the naming system the Japanese use to describe their mansions (a mansion is like an apartment that you own) and homes. L = living room, D = dining room, K = kitchen and the "3" means that there are three bedrooms. 3LDK was apparently well-received when it arrived on the PC last year. As a result, Princess Soft has decided to bring it over to the PS2, adding new scenarios and event scenes along the way. Your goal remains the same as every other game of this form -- get one of the girls to fall in love with you. You'll go out with the girls on dates and get into a variety of situations with them, the only difference here being that they -- all five of them -- live with you in a single 3LDK home.
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