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Space Invaders Anniversary
Game Description:Compilation set containing different versions of the classic Taito 2D shooter, put together in honor of the game's 25th anniversary. Space Invaders Anniversary includes nine different versions of the original arcade classic, from the 'Tabletop' version to the original 'Upright' game. There are also special variations on the old formula, including a 3D mode, a cooperative doubles mode for two players, and a versus battle mode. Released in Japan in July 2003.
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Space Invaders Anniversary News

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  • An Alien Autopsy Of The Space Invaders Variety (And Made For Your Chest)

    Threadless, you slay me. And by slay me, I mean constantly wonder if I can justify forking over almost $20 for a clever t-shirt. It happens on a daily basis. I should probably unsubscribe from their newsletter, especially when they highlight amazing creations such as this, the "Alien Autopsy." This is not your typical close encounter....

    Posted November 9, 2009

    An Alien Autopsy Of The Space Invaders Variety (And Made For Your Chest)
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