Sengoku vs. Gendai - PS2

Sengoku vs. Gendai
Game Description:Volume 16 in D3's ongoing Simple 2000 Series Ultimate budget series is an action game that mixes the old and the new. The title roughly translates to "Warring States (= the Japanese war era) vs. Present Day", which aptly describes what the game is about. Sengoku VS Gendai transports you to a world of ninjas, monks, and monsters, where you pick one of six different characters and go up against hordes of enemies. Armed with weapons both ancient and modern -- everything from swords to bazookas -- you make your way through six different levels, each filled with mythological beasts and oversized bosses. Compete for the highest score and collect items to upgrade your stats and unlock new costumes. You can also unlock hidden characters, or join forces with a second player.Released in Europe by Midas Interactive as Deadly Strike. Not available in America.
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