Official PlayStation Magazine Vol. 78 - PS2

Official PlayStation Magazine Vol. 78
Game Description:The official monthly PlayStation Underground demo disc, included in the Official PlayStation Magazine (US). PLAYABLE :: Beyond Good and Evil, NFL Street, Metal Arms: Glitch In The System, UFC: Sudden Impact, Champions of Norrath 007: Everything Or Nothing, Drakengard VIDEO :: .Hack 4 Quarantine, Firefighter F.D. 18, MX Unleashed FEATURES :: The Suffering (Inside The Game); Gran Turismo 4 (Track GT4 - first look) REPLAY :: Enter the Matrix (cool move); Splinter Cell (cool move); Capcom vs. SNK (cool move); Jak II (cool move); Tak & the Power of Juju (cool move); Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure (save file); Splashdown Rides Gone Wild (save file)
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