SD Gundam Force: Showdown! Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Lead the Gundam Force and save the peaceful capitol Neotopia from a mysterious evil force! Play as Captain Gundam, Zero the Winged Knight or Musha Bakunetsumaru. Select their weapons, collect items and head into battle. Battle across three worlds to defeat the Dimensional Pirates. Rescue Shute from the Dimension Halo and destroy this evil empire from the past. Based on the hit TV series from Cartoon Network, SD Gundam Force: Showdown! features an original storyline and never-seen-before characters.
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SD Gundam Force: Showdown! Cheats

  • Bakunetsumaru

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    Code: Triangle , Circle , X , Triangle , Circle , X , Triangle , Circle , X , Triangle , Circle , Circle

  • Captain Gundam

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    Code: Circle , Square , Triangle , X , X , Triangle , Square , Circle , Triangle , Circle , Square , X

  • Zero the Winged Knight

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    Code: Triangle , Triangle , Circle , Circle , X , Square , X , Square , Circle , X , Triangle , Square

  • Hyper Coating

    To get the Hyper Coating (golden Gundams), either complete the first six missions without losing; or get six areas or stages done in a row without losing.