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Star Wars Battlefront
Game Description:A multiplayer online shooter set in the Star Wars universe featuring soldier sets from the series (Stormtroopers, Rebel pilots, AT-AT commanders, Republic Guards) and a wide variety of vehicles out of the films. Players take part in epic battles from both the original series (Episodes IV, V, VI) as well as the prequel trilogy (Episode I, II, III.) The game liberally borrows concepts from EA's Battlefield series, transplanting the competitive action into the Star Wars galaxy. Players team up or go head-to-head to fight on ten legendary planets from the George Lucas franchise and use a variety of weapons and vehicles, including X-wings, snowspeeders and AT-STs.
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Star Wars Battlefront News

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  • Mark Hamill Was Never Asked To Voice A Star Wars Video Game

    You'd think it'd be natural for LucasArts to ask Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, to be part of one of the many Star Wars video games that have been produced over the years. PC Zone recently spoke with the former member of the Force, however, and said it's never happened. Post-Star Wars, Hamill has made a name for himself as a prominent voice...

    Posted January 5, 2010

    Mark Hamill Was Never Asked To Voice A Star Wars Video Game
  • Sith Kenobi Concept Art From 'Star Wars: Battlefront III'

    When the footage from Star Wars: Battlefront III leaked on the Internet, one line of dialogue sparked a lot of speculation within the Internet community. At the end of the video, Emporer Palpatine says the line "Stick to the plan, Kenobi", which made countless nerds think that Obi Wan may infiltrate the Empire in order to take it down...

    Posted January 16, 2009| 38 Comments

    Sith Kenobi Concept Art From 'Star Wars: Battlefront III'
  • Game History: Star Wars Battlefront

    Posted: October 14, 2007

    1,228 Views | 01:13