Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: AEUG versus Titans - PS2

Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: AEUG versus Titans
Game Description:You pilot a mech and pair up with a CPU or human controlled counterpart in two on two battles. Teams share a common health meter, so making your opponent's health meter drain to zero is your goal. Controls are simple: Mechs have two different long-distance attacks, one of which automatically becomes a sword attack when you get close to a make. You can make your Gundam jump, hover for a bit and can automatically seek and lock onto an enemy. When battling in space, as a new addition to this game, some of the Gundams can even transform and fly about the area more quickly. A Mission mode is also included, taking you through a series of missions set in the Solar System and on Earth. Clear the missions and you unlock new Gundams and also make your current units rise in rank. Also features Online play for four players.
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