Sitting Ducks Cheats - PS2

Game Description:The offbeat adventures of Bill the Duck and Aldo the Alligator come to next gen gaming! Based on the cult TV kid cartoon series of the same name, Sitting Ducks is a fun, quirky and exciting adventure game experience designed for single-player and multiplayer action. In story mode you can play through wild missions including Vespa Scooter races, ice-skating, soccer games, hockey, water polo and more! Or you can play against your friends and family in race and challenge modes. There's plenty to see and do as you roam the wacky, quacky world of Sitting Ducks.
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Sitting Ducks Cheats

  • Getting easy Feathers

    You will need either the Teeth or the Gator Mask (you will need it later in the game). Go to a place that has a ball and a goal. Place on the Teeth or Gator Mask so that the other ducks will not steal the ball from you, but instead get scared and run away from you. Constantly get the ball and keep scoring. Five Feathers will fly out of the goal...