NHL 2004 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:Face off with all your favorite NHL players as EA Sports returns to the ice for 2004! New passing, checking and fighting controls and a much smarter AI make this one of the most realistic simulation-style hockey titles ever. 39 new teams from Germany, Sweden and Finland have been added to the mix of standard international and US teams. Control every aspect of your team, from the ice through the off-season with the deepest franchise mode in hockey. Build your powerhouse for up to 20 seasons, managing team facilities, travel, equipment and administrative staff, all of which affect how your team performs. Skate online against friends with chat and tournament play.
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NHL 2004 Cheats

  • Commentators Chipmunk voice

    When you reach level 32 in your EA Sports Bio.

  • Commentators Deep voice

    When you reach level 4 in your EA Sports Bio.

  • Big head mode

    When you reach level 8 in your EA Sports Bio.

  • Dynasty mode 2 GM office rewards

    When you reach level 12 in your EA Sports Bio.

  • Dynasty mode 3 Upgrade Points

    When you reach level 18 in your EA Sports Bio.

  • Mile Wide Stadium

    When you reach level 24 in your EA Sports Bio.

  • Dynasty mode 2 upgrade points

    When you reach level 2 in your EA Sports Bio.

  • Bouncing puck

    Go to game settings menu and adjust the "Puck Friction", "Puck Gravity" and every option you can adjust on that screen that has to do with the puck. Go to a game and shoot the puck down the ice. If it does not hit the goalie, the puck should be bouncing all over the place until it runs out of speed.

  • Good players

    In dynasty mode, rack up on draft picks by signing unwanted free agents and trading them to random teams for draft picks. Doing this also earns you GM experience points.

  • Easy goals

    When you have the puck, swing around the opponent's net. If the goalie is on the other side, then shoot with back hand shot. REMEMBER: This best works with two players, so that other person can distract the goalie.