Spider-Man 2 Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Treyarch
  • Release Date:Jun 28, 2004
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Spidey is back! Activision catches us in a whole new web with this advanced translation of the 2004 Spider-Man 2 movie sequel featuring Doctor Octopus. Not only will you battle Doc Ock high up in the Manhattan skyline, but you will also face other Marvel villains Mysterio and Lizard. The virtual environments are also more life-like this time around, filled with ambient city sounds, steam, cars, and people. Web-slinging, web-crawling, and Spider-Man's overall acrobatic moves are also smoother and more seamless. It's time to ride those webs to new heights in this dramatic, action-packed retelling of another classic Peter Parker tale.
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Spider-Man 2 Cheats

  • Programmer save

    When starting a new game, Enter the name

    Code: HCRAYERT

  • 44% game completion and 201,000 hero points

    Enter the following as the name of a new game file.

    Code: hcrayert

  • Big Game Hunter award

    Defeat Rhino in story mode.

  • Bane Of Petty Thieves award

    Stop 25 purse snatchings.

  • Swing Speed Level 8 Upgrade

    After completing Chapter 16, Chapter 17 starts and unlocks the Swing Speed Level 8 upgrade at the Upgrade Store. The Swing Speed Level 8 upgrade costs 50,000 Hero Points. Using it earns the Speed Freak award.

  • Balloon Popper award

    Pop 25 balloons.

  • Crime Stopper award

    Stop 250 petty crimes.

  • Knowledge Seeker award

    Collect all 213 Hint Markers.

  • Thug Mugger award

    Collect all Skyscraper Tokens.

  • Towering Explorer award

    Collect all Skyscraper Tokens.

  • Friend To Children award

    Return 25 balloons to children.

  • Superhero award

    Get 100,000 Hero Points.

  • Life Preserver award

    Rescue 25 sinking boat emergencies.

  • Lover Not A Fighter award

    Complete all 10 Mary Jane missions.

  • Lifter of Spirits award

    Rescue 25 hanging citizens.

  • Shutterbug award

    Complete all 6 Daily Bugle missions.

  • Partycrasher award

    Stop 25 battle royales.

  • Shock Absorber award

    Defeat Shocker in story mode.

  • Drenched Explorer award

    Collect all 130 Buoy Tokens.

  • Gold Medalist award

    Beat the mega times on all challenges.

  • Master Explorer award

    Collect all Exploration tokens.

  • Mega Hero award

    Accumulate 200,000 Hero Points.

  • Mega Champ award

    Defeat 500 enemies.

  • Good Samaritan award

    Help 250 citizens in distress.

  • Hero in Training award

    Get 15,000 Hero Points.

  • Hardcore Gamer award

    Complete all arcade games.

  • Speed Freak award

    Get Max Swing Speed.

  • Stick Up Artist award

    Stop 25 robberies.

  • Hero award

    Get 45,000 Hero Points.

  • Spider-Missile upgrade

    Collect all 130 Buoy Tokens.

  • Sucker award

    Stop 25 ambushes.

  • Automobile Avenger award

    Stop 25 car jackings.

  • Vigilant Explorer award

    Collect all Hideout Tokens.

  • Wallsprint Level 2 upgrade

    Get all 150 Skyscraper Tokens.

  • Watchful Explorer award

    Collect all secret tokens.

  • Alien Buster award

    Defeat Mysterio in story mode.

  • Honorary Deputy award

    Assist 25 officers.

  • Human Ambulance award

    Help 25 medical emergencies.

  • Tentacle Wrangler award

    Defeat Doc Ock in story mode.

  • Game Master award

    Complete the game with a 100% rank.

  • Silver Medalist award

    Complete all challenges.

  • Champ award

    Defeat 200 enemies.

  • Anger Manager award

    Stop 25 road rages.

  • Employee Of The Month award

    Complete all 20 pizza missions.

  • Arcade mini-games

    There are four mini-games at the Arcade: Dodge Hall, Directional Attack, Web Attack, Air Combo. Enter the Arcade, then go to the back of the room. Press Square to enable the marker to start the Dodge Hall mini-game. After finishing round 3 you will unlock the Directional Attack mini-game (which is more of a tutorial). In the Directional Attack...

  • Watch Dog award

    Stop 25 break-ins.

  • Farther web swings

    When you are swinging, hold L1 + X. Release when you are about to get make another web shot come out. This will make you go farther.

  • Getting better moves and awards faster

    Always do a lot of crime fighting while not fighting Bosses in order to be able to buy all of the moves after each chapter. By doing this, you can do a variety of moves against Bosses and other enemies.

  • How to beat enemies

    To defeat enemies that block your attacks, have guns, or dodge your web, use the Web Splash maneuver (L2 + Triangle). This will quickly cover them up with webbing and will make them easier to defeat. To defeat enemies easily, just throw them off a high building. Use an easy combo such as L1 + Square, then Charge Jump and press Square...

  • Human punching bag

    Tie a enemy to a lamp post using the Web Hanger move. You can then just beat them up until you get tired of doing so.

  • Saving Aunt May from Doc Ock

    First, fail the mission by losing Ock. Then when you restart the mission next to the helicopter, Web Swing and try to attach a Web Swing to the helicopter.

  • How to beat Bosses

    When facing the Rhino or other Bosses, press Up to make everything slow down except yourself. This move also allows you to punch and hit much more effectively.

  • Destroying Orbs at the Statue Of Liberty

    First, attach to one of Mysterio's "UFOs" and it will fly you high up. Jump off and Websling around until you are close enough to an Orb to Webzip toward it. Once there, you will remain floating. Just use a simple punch attack to destroy it.

  • How to beat Rhino

    When you fight rhino You see a flash over spidermans head press Circle when that happens, Then rhino stops spinning he\'ll get dizzy But don\'t try to web him or punch!

  • Move List

    Triangle, Up on left analog stick: Yank Up (launches enemy) Triangle, Down on left analog stick: Yank Toward Self (homing) Triangle, Left on left analog stick: Yank Left Triangle, Right on right analog stick: Yank Right Triangle, 360 left analog stick: Web Rodeo Triangle, Square: Yank Kick Triangle, Square, Square: Thrust Kick Triangle, Square,...

  • Fight Arena

    After Doc Ock is defeated and the credits finish rolling, Chapter 16 starts and the Fight Arena can now be bought at the Upgrade Store. The Fight Arena upgrade costs 5,000 Hero Points. After you purchase it, swing over to the Shocker Warehouse near the Lower East Side. Enter the warehouse through the large bay doors. Go to the main room where...

  • Hang a thug on a streetlight

    If you are in a street fight and need to hang up thugs for a little while, press Square(2), Triangle, Circle at a thug . This will hang him up onto a lamp post. You have to make sure that you are near a lamppost in the first place.

  • How to beat Shocker

    To defeat Shocker the second time that you fight him, climb up the wall directly across from Black Cat and press the switch. The force field will deactivate. Then, charge towards Shocker. Stay away from the middle, as Shocker will stay on the sides. Uppercut him into the air. Jump up and do an air combo. He will fall down. Charge him again and...

  • How to beat Doc Ock

    The easiest way, TO bEAT dOC oCT IS NOT TO USE That \"up\" arrow on you control but to hint simply 2 button and thats it, (you can also use this to beat him on top of train too!) All you do is keep hitting Circle and Attack repeatedly after one aloner, (ex.Circle, Attack, Circle Attack,) No stop Fast, now just go at him, you can also hold down...

  • How to beat Doc Ock

    When you fight Doc Oc for the last time, save up your Spidey Sense energy. When it gets too full or half-way, let him get close and active it. This will help you defeat him without losing health. REMEMBER: If you can get good hits on him when three of his four arms are down, you will take little damage if you are careful. An easy way to defeat...

  • Movie Theatre

    After Doc Ock is defeated and the credits finish rolling, Chapter 16 starts and the Movie Theatre can now be bought at the Upgrade Store. The Movie Theatre upgrade costs 1,000 Hero Points. After you purchase it, swing over to the movie theatre and activate the Change icon to choose from Activision Logo, Treyarch Logo, the Credits, and 3 demo...

  • Swing Speed 8 Level Upgrade

    After completing Chapter 16, Chapter 17 starts and unlocks the Swing Speed Level 8 upgrade at the Upgrade Store. The Swing Speed Level 8 upgrade costs 50,000 Hero Points. Using it earns the Speed Freak award.

  • Vulture Lair

    When you reach a hole in the netting you will reach a open space. Advance Web it.

  • Faster wall running

    When running up a wall and are about to fall, quickly press X and hold Circle. You will go faster for a moment. Keep doing this until you get up the wall.

  • Infinite Wall Run

    While pressing L2, run up to a wall and do a normal wall sprint. When you are about to fall tap X and then quickly tap Circle. This will keep you running on the wall. Very useful when chasing Cat Woman.