Worms 3D Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
  • Genre:Strategy
  • Developer: Team17 Software
  • Release Date:Mar 11, 2004
  • # of Players:4 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Moving from the 2D format of past classic Worms titles, Worms 3D adds another dimension to demented Worms warfare. Playing now in first-person, third-person or bird's eye view, you can now engage in battle in a more intuitive and immersive manner. As usual, the environments are randomly generated and entirely destructible. All the humorous weapons are also here, including flying sheep, exploding moles, holy hand grenades and mad cows. Only this time you'll have the added challenge and delight of using them in a 3D environment! Using those weapons can be tricky, and friendly fire and sudden turns of fate make for constant surprises and laughs. There's no better way to blast and vaporize your buddies than in this thoroughly entertaining and addictive franchise!
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Worms 3D Cheats

  • Map with four consecutive submarines.

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    Code: 221350867

  • Massive island map.

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    Code: marijuana

  • Very high altitude map.

    Enter code

    Code: 1585104494

  • Very long map.

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    Code: 241780260

  • Very small map that only contains a little bit ground and a tiny bridge.

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    Code: 257462320

  • Nuclear Bomb

    To unlock the Nuclear Bomb, complete all ten deathmatch challenges. If it does not work with all bronzes, try to get silvers and golds.

  • Parachute challenge 1

    Finish the Falling For You campaign.

  • All Action Weapon scheme

    Finish Hold Until Relieved with a "Gold" rank.

  • Deathmatch challenge 1

    Finish the D-Day campaign.

  • Deathmatch challenge 7

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 6.

  • Jet Pack challenge 1

    Finish the Rum Deal campaign.

  • Jet Pack challenge 3

    Finish the Hold Until Relieved campaign.

  • Parachute challenge 2

    Finish the Worm and the Beanstalk campaign.

  • Parachute challenge 3

    Finish the Costa Del Danger campaign.

  • Deathmatch challenge 10

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 9.

  • Deathmatch challenge 8

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 7.

  • Deathmatch challenge 9

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 8.

  • Deathmatch challenge 3

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 2.

  • Deathmatch challenge 6

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 5.

  • Mad Cows

    Complete all three shotgun challenges with a "Gold medal" rank.

  • Sniper Weapon scheme

    Finish Hook, Line And Skimmer with a "Gold" rank.

  • Sinking Big Weapon scheme

    Finish To Boldly Go with a "Gold" rank.

  • Pro Weapon scheme

    Finish Test Tube Training.

  • Earthquake Weapon

    Complete all three jetpack challenges with any rank.

  • Sticky Wars Weapon scheme

    Finish Beef Cake Breakfast Brawl with a "Gold" rank.

  • Super Sheep challenge 3

    Finish the A Good Nights Sheep campaign.

  • Super Sheep challenge 2

    Finish the Plaice Holder campaign.

  • Deathmatch challenge 2

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 1.

  • Deathmatch challenge 4

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 3.

  • Deathmatch challenge 5

    Finish Deathmatch challenge 4.

  • Super Sheep

    To unlock the Super Sheep, complete all Super Sheep challenges with a "Gold medal" rank.

  • Banana Bomb

    Complete all three shotgun challenges with any rank.

  • Jet Pack challenge 2

    Finish the In Space, No-One Can Hear You Clean campaign.

  • Super Sheep challenge 1

    Finish the High Stakes campaign.

  • Level generator

    Not only can you type in numbers to generate levels, but you can also type in words and it will convert it for you.

  • Teleporting

    In levels where there are objects floating in the air, if you teleport onto them sideways, there is a chance that you will actually teleport inside the object. This is especially true for the green air ships.