Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: KOEI
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Release Date:Nov 6, 2003
  • # of Players:2 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Take the epic saga of Dynasty Warriors 4 to the next level with Xtreme Legends. Return again to the ancient wars of China and use all the characters from DW4 and unlock the 11th weapon level in this packed expansion set. In the all-new Xtreme Mode, you will have to fight skirmish after skirmish. In Legends Mode you can role-play each character's heroic story, experiencing a total of 42 stages! In Arena Challenge you will battle it out one-on-one like Chinese gladiators! DW4 XL also includes Officer and Bodyguard Editors, a DW4 XL Memory Card compatible with DW4, and an ability to remix Dyansty Warriors 4 with XL's disc swap feature.
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Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends Cheats

  • Shadow Runner

    With Cao Cao in Legends mode. Kill all the Wu generals. The item will appear in the northeastern part of the map. Shadow Runner is the best harness in the game, as it allows you to never be knocked off any horse

  • Master Of Musou

    Play as Lu Bu in Legends mode. Get 1,300 KOs before Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei appear. Supply troops will appear. Defeat the supply troops.

  • Storm Harness

    With Dong Zhuo in Legends mode. Kill Yuan Shao as soon as he appears. The item will appear in the northeastern corner of the map. Storm Harness increases your mounted attack.

  • Sword 2

    Cao Cao

  • Sword 8

    Huang Zhong

  • Power Rune

    to get power rune you need to defeat yue ying quickly also defeat ma dai, fe zheng, and yan yan. After the sixth time you defeat her. a message should appear and showing where the power rune should be

  • Power Rune

    With Zhuge Liang in Legends mode. Do exactly as instructed by the game. Every time it tells you to kill Yue Ying, do it immediately. Just before you kill her for the last time, a secret item message will appear. Retrieve your item and complete the level.

  • Spear 3

    Jang Wei

  • Sword 6

    Dong Zhou

  • Sword 9

    Gang Ning

  • Musuo Armor

    With Sun Quan in Legends mode. Kill Zhang Liao four times. A supply team will appear on the left-hand side and run for the northwest gate. Kill the Captain and claim your item. Finish the level and you will have Musuo Armor, which prevents you from being

  • Pike 1

    Zhang Liao

  • Sword 1

    Zhou Yu

  • Sword 10

    Xiahou Yuan

  • The Art Of War

    With Sun Jian in Legends mode. Do nothing until Lu Bu arrives. Kill Lu Bu. The item appears in the fortress where the ambush is located. The Art Of War has all ability boost items (armor, Imperial Seal, etc.) last for double the time.

  • Pike 2

    Lu Meng

  • Sword 4

    Sun Jian

  • Sword 7

    Yuan Shao

  • Fire Arrows

    With Huang Zhong in Legends mode. Kill Guan Ping and Zhou Cang. The item will appear at the far western side of the level.

  • Spear 1

    Zhao Yun

  • Spear 2

    Ma Chao

  • Sword 3

    Liu Bei

  • Sword 5

    Sun Quan

  • Xtreme mode prices

    Each time you buy an item, its price will increase. If you only buy Meat Buns, it will become a very expensive item. Rather than relying upon buying healing items, try to avoid taking damage as much as possible.