Kingdom Hearts II Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre:Action, RPG
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Release Date:Mar 28, 2006
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:U - Unknown (Titles rated "Everyone 10+ (E10+)" may be suitable for ages 10 and older. They may contain cartoon, fantasy, or mild violence, mild language, and/or minimal suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Return to Kingdom Hearts in Square Enix and Disney's second blockbuster collaboration! An unlikely partnership that won many hearts, Kingdom Hearts II advances the Kingdom Hearts story, plunging you deeper into a mysterious world of darkness and light. When a dark robed Mickey Mouse joins Sora, Donald and Goofy, a new quest begins to stop an evil mummy-wrapped king. Our heroes, older and wiser, will journey to new worlds where anything is possible, where good and evil riddle and twist us into dreams both strange and wonderful.
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Kingdom Hearts II Cheats

  • In-game reset

    Enter code while playing the game.

    Code: Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press Start + Select

  • Alternate appearance

    Acquire the "Drive" ability, then during any "objective" based fights, complete the fight with a Drive activated and Sora will retain the transformation appearance for the story event that follows.

  • Health refill

    When you have low health and no magic or potions, but a fill drive meter, turn into any form. You will have full health.

  • Alternate ending sequence

    After finishing all worlds and Jiminy's Journal under the standard difficulty setting to view an additional sequence after the ending credits. When playing under the proud difficulty setting, finish all worlds to view the sequence. Finish the game in Proud mode and choose the sword both times. Statistics about how you played will appear after...

  • Hades Paradox Cup

    Have all four drive forms and summons maximized at level 7 to unlock the Hades Paradox Cup, which is a level 99 Underworld Coliseum tournament with 50 rounds.

  • Fatal crest keyblade

    Complete the The Goddess of Fate Cup in the Underworld.

  • Hidden trailer

    Allow the game to remain idle for two to three minutes at the main title screen. The screen will fade and a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2 will begin playing, showing the credits with an instrumental version of the theme song "Sanctuary" playing in the background.

  • Drive meter refill

    If your Drive gauge is almost empty when in your transformed state, quickly go to a save point and go to Gummi Ship. Then, go to any world desired. When you are in the world selected, notice that your Drive gauge is full.

  • Drive mode costumes and intermission sequences

    If you finish fighting a Boss while in a drive mode, the costume will remain in the drive form. However the character you fused with will still appear in the intermission sequence after the fight.

  • How to beat Dusk

    At the start of the battle, you will find that your weapon has no effect on Dusk. However, after a short while an intermission sequence will play and you will gain the Keyblade, which will allow you to damage him. It should only take 5 hits to defeat him.

  • How to beat Flailer

    At the start of the battle, a dark energy will surround Roxas. Then, the screen will fade to white, and Roxas will be trapped in the air. When Flailer approaches and is about to attack, use the Reaction Command to break free and attack him. Then, Flailer will rush up and grab you. Use the Reaction Command when it flashes to knock him off the...

  • How to beat Seifer

    Seifer will walk forward and slash at you. Run up to him and begin attacking him before he starts attacking. He will also leap forward and do a spinning slash which is more difficult to avoid; try blocking his attacks with Reflect Guard by pressing Square. He will go down after about 13 hits.

  • Drive mode training

    Go to Timeless River. Make sure your Drive is full. Pick any of the four doors in front of you and enter it. Kill all the Heartless in the area with any transformation then return to Disney Castle before your Drive gauge is emptied. When you return to Disney Castle, your Drive meter is full again. Keep doing this until your Drive level is at...

  • Revive character

    If you die against certain bosses you can revive yourself as Mickey with the command "I won't give up" (for example, against the Shadow Stalker and Dark Thorn Bosses in Beast's Castle and Xaldin when you return to Beast's Castle). Mickey is better than Sora and has stronger attacks. If you cannot defeat the Boss with Mickey you must revive Sora...

  • How to beat Axel

    This battle is a bit difficult because Axel has long range attacks. Since he launches most of his attacks straight ahead, approach him from the side. When his body envelopes in flames, this signals that a strong attack is coming, so get some distance between you and him, and get ready to avoid it.

  • Technic Drive

    Here's another good way to train your drive forms. First go to space paranoids (Must beat MCP first). Go on the glider again and when the heartless come use drive form and beat all of them before the gauge goes out. When you land your gauge will be full. Sometimes it won't work and sometimes if you keep doing this it might stay the form you just...