WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: THQ
  • Genre:Fighting, Wrestling
  • Developer: Yuke's Media Creations
  • Release Date:Oct 28, 2003
  • # of Players:6 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Here comes the WWE Smackdown! Feel and deal the pain in all new storylines penned exclusively by WWE staff writers. Use unique Superstar abilities featuring strength, submission, technique, speed and stamina, combined with unprecedented player control, using an in-depth countering and interactive submission system. All-new match types include Bra & Panty, First Blood and Elimination Chamber. Better graphics, Superstar voice overs, dynamic camera transitions and bigger audio pump up the WWE fever. Dish out the crunches, holds, hits, slams, power drives and smacks! Get ready for some pain!
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WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain Cheats

  • Replacement moves

    Charlie Haas: Keep Haas of Pain but set second finisher to T-bone suplex to 1 or 2. Kevin Nash: Keep Jacknife but set second finisher to Big Boot 1 or 2 Scott Steiner: Keep Steiner Recliner but set second finisher to the Complete Shot. Ultimo Dragon: Keep Ultimo Dragon DDT but set second finisher to Dragon Sleeper 2

  • Move sets

    Move Sets 1-4 (all USA moves): 2,500 Move Sets 5-7 (all Japan moves): 2,500

  • Credits

    Finish one season in season mode to unlock the credits.

  • Cracks in the wall

    on a hard core match when your in the work out room there's a crack in the wall you could either run in to or throw your opponent into that crack and then you could either throw your opponent into the shower and it will turn on hot water, or you could throw your opponent into the lockers

  • Kane Classic version

    To unlock the classic Kane, buy the Kane card at Shopzone. You will now be prompted every time you use Kane if you want the mask on or off.

  • Bra and panties

    The bra and panties below can be unlocked for use in bra and panties matches for 10,000 in the Shopzone: Torrie, Sable, Stacy, Trish, Lita, Jazz, Victoria.

  • Dumpster

    when your in a hardcore match and your in the boiler room and your down stairs you could throw you opponent into the dumpster

  • Escaping the elimination chamber

    you can escape the elimination chamber what you have to do is have a wrestler with a long diving attack from a turnbuckle wait til someone climbs one of the corners of the chamber then quickly run on the turnbuckle right under them use the diving attack to them you well dive through the cell and you can wait there until there's only one person...

  • Arenas

    Times Square: 10,000 SmackDown B: 3,000 Raw B: 3,000 Wrestlemania X19: 7,000 Summerslam: 5,000 Rebellion: 5,000

  • Attires

    The attire below can be unlocked in exhibition mode for the corresponding price in the Shopzone. The Rock: 5,000 Steve Austin: 10,000 HHH: 10,000 Undertaker American Bad Ass: 8,000 RVD: 10,000 Kurt Angle: 10,000 Chris Jericho: 8,000 Chris Benoit: 6,000 Kane: 6,000 Big Show: 6,000 Edge: 6,000 Scott Steiner: 6,000 Stephanie McMahon: 5000 Vince...

  • WWE Legends

    These WWE Legends can be unlocked for 35,000 Smackdown dollars in Shopzone in season mode: Legion of Doom Animal, Legion of Doom Hawk, Sgt. Slaughter, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, and Old-School Undertaker. The following WWE Legends are available from the start. Each of them have very powerful grapples. However, their grapples are not as...

  • Trash Can

    when you have a trash can in your hands press down x at the same time and you could throw it on top of their head and slam them down on the ground

  • Hidden WWE Divas loading screens

    The loading screens below can be unlocked for the corresponding price in the Shopzone. Torrie Wilson: 5,000 Sable: 5,000 Stacy Keibler: 2,000 Trish Stratus: 2,000 Lita: 2,000 Jazz: 2,000 Victoria: 2,000

  • How to unlock parking lot brawl match

    Just go to eric and ask for the h title and there you have it (you must be eddie or big show as they were the first ones to do that match).

  • To win cage match easily

    To win a cage macth easily select goldberg as your player. When you reverse the grapple hold then press triangle and circle. he will spear the opponent then climb on the cage u will win it

  • Team Interference

    Hold L2 in a hardcore match and if you have a team (a) partner(s) will interfere.

  • Escape cage without winning

    Your going going to need to players for this. First attack the ref and perform the move called \"dropping the dime\" and have the other person attack you when your on the ring apron.

  • Undertakers Leg Drop

    Choose either Old school Undertaker or RVD to do this, go to the outside of the ring, and stand really close to the apron, make sure your opponent is away from the apron. The Irish Whip Them Towards the apron their body will be lying on the apron then press O left right up or down and you will have the Undertakers Leg Drop or RVD Flipping Leg Drop.

  • World Title or WWE Title

    When you are in story mode. if you have over 85 SP you can challenge the main title. If you are on Raw, it is the World Title. If you are on SmackDown, it is the WWE Title. Instead of asking for the title shot, you must get involved with a storyline involving the current champion. In Raw it is HHH, and in SmackDown it is Angle. If you continue...

  • Season mode Skip matches

    Following a year of season mode, you will be able to skip your matches. But when skipping matches you will automatically lose.

  • Undertaker recommendation

    If you have enough cash for a WWE legend get old school undertaker. He is more powerful than undertaker and is a match for anyone.

  • Drag opponent

    If your opponent is on the ground, hold Circle and a desired direction to drag him or her.

  • Hidden ending sequence

    When the credits are over, WWE Superstar John Cena does a freestyle rap about WWE Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain.

  • Rey mysteriyo attires

    Complete the game with all the legands

  • Smackdown Bar

    This is a quick way to get a smackdown. In the gym there are treadmills, press O (when your on it) you'll start moving and your smackdown bare will go up. Do this twice.

  • Table Gore

    To perform a table gore, whip your opponent onto a table then run into them and press square. This will make you do a gore (the closest to it). This tip works with all superstars.

  • Brock Lesnar Shooting Star Press

    In an Elimination Chamber match, go onto a turn buckle as Brock Lesnar then press Square. You will now climb on top of a chamber. Now push Down + X to do the Shooting Star Press.

  • Easy Win

    To score an easy win,go to the side of the ring that you walk onto for Kanes entrance.Get the table out and take it into the ring.Lean it up against the turnbuckle.Then run into it.Eventually your opponent will pick you up and throw you into the table.This only works when DQ is on.

  • Walls of Jericho on Ladder

    This Cheat will only work in ladder match and must have 2 paddles or this will be pretty hard. You have to be Chris Jericho for one player then any other superstar and have that wrestler be player 2. Have both wrestlers climb to the top have Jericho punch the other wrestler until he gets groggy on the ladder then push the grapple button and up...

  • Easy specials

    Hold Down/Left or Down/Right and press Attack. This will have the wrestler perform a straight kick to the stomach and stun them for more then enough time for you to press L1 to do your special. This works for all wrestlers. To do your opponent's special move, hold L2 then press L1.