Silent Line: Armored Core Cheats - PS2

  • Publisher: Agetec
  • Genre:Action, Shooter, Simulation
  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Release Date:Jul 16, 2003
  • # of Players:2 players
  • ESRB:T - Teen (Titles rated "Teen (T)" may be suitable for ages 13 and older, and may contain violent content, mild, or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Break through the "silent line"! From the ashes of the machine world humans have returned to the surface of Planet Earth to rebuild civilization. But explorers discover a hidden mega-city protected by incredibly powerful machines, so powerful that the city is surrounded by a "silent line" of defense. It's time again for the heroic mercenaries known as the Ravens to take their human-controlled machines or 'mechs' to the task. Customize your Armored Core unit and take advantage of a new cockpit view and Target Weapon system. A host of new customizable A.C. units and the ability to import A.C. units from Armored Core 3 will further excite Armored Core fans. Play with friends in a new and improved 4-player mode.
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Silent Line: Armored Core Cheats

  • Add defeated AC emblems

    when the victory message appears in the arena to add the defeated AC's emblem to your list.

    Code: Press Select + Start

  • Infiltrate New Base mission- Hidden part

    In a cave in the middle of the map is the extension part MWEM-R/36.

  • MRL-MM/001

    This is a back radar weapon which can be unlocked by reaching rank D

  • MWG-HGB/108

    This is an AST Hand Gun which can be unlocked by finishing every mission with Rank S


    This is an energy pack which can be unlocked by increasing your Kisaragi Point to 7

  • Bonus parts

    For every mission you get an "A" or "S" rank on, you will get a special bonus part

  • Search Vilius Laboratory mission- Hidden part

    Search the bottom of the deepest pit to find a part guarded by a MT. It is the left arm part MWG-KPL/150.

  • MWGG-HNRL-100

    This is a napalm rocket which can be unlocked by reaching rank C

  • Defend Lawdas Factory mission- Hidden part

    When the big laser destroys the missile in the center of the map, jump down and look for the part. The part is an extension CWEM-RT16.

  • Destroy Cargo Transport mission- Hidden part

    Use a very fast AC for this mission. When you see the first intersection, instead of turning right with the transport, turn left and jump behind the middle barricade and get the part. It is the inside floating mine, CWI-FMHS-30.

  • Destroy AI Prototype mission- Hidden part

    On the ground in a small room closed off by destroyable gates is the left arm part KSS-SS/707A.

  • Defend Mirage HQ mission- Hidden part

    When the mission starts, turn around and boost towards the helicopter landing site. Look around the landing site to find the back stealth missile, MWM-SM36.


    This is a booster which can be unlocked by reaching rank S

  • Prototype parts

    If you use a certain type of leg part (light weight leg, middle weight leg, hover, etc.) for enough missions, a "prototype" part will be unlocked in the shop. The prototypes are usually good. This may also be the case with other parts as well.

  • CCH-04-EOC

    After finishing the 2nd part within 120 sec and with 50% of more Ap left.

  • MCM-MI/008

    This is a core which can be unlocked by increasing your mirage point to 13

  • Protect Part Transport mission- Hidden parts

    Wait until the plane lands, then get behind the it. Shoot the back end until the door explodes. Press Circle next to the part to get the right arm part CWG-ARF-180.

  • Eliminate Rioters mission- Hidden part

    When you reach the most top level and enter, a box will be destroyed by enemies. On the floor is the inside part KWL-RJ/60.

  • Explore Unexplored Region mission- Hidden part

    Go into the crater to find a plane. Shoot the back end of the plane to destroy that section. Inside the plane is the back part MWC-OC/30.

  • Op-Intensify

    This is an optional intensifying part which can be unlocked by finishing the game with an 99% completion. You can also import this part from Armored Core 3 using a save file. This means you will have the ability to use this part from the very beginning


    This is a weapon arm which can be unlocked by reaching rank B


    This is an arm which can be unlocked by reaching rank A

  • CCL-02-EI

    This is a core which can be unlocked by increasing your crest point to 10

  • Eliminate Bio Weapon mission- Hidden part

    At the first room, turn left and keep shooting all over the wall. When you reveal a secret passage, follow it to the part. It is a PRAYYING BLADE.

  • Overboost

    To boost faster press both L3 and R3. You should boost forward at twice the normal speed until you run into something.

  • Hydraulics

    Get a robot with the tank wheels. Press X repeatedly and it appear as if the robot has hydraulics.