Everblue 2 Cheats - PS2

Game Description:You are Leonardo, a deep sea diver in search of an underwater treasure that has eluded your family for generations. In your quest, you will explore the secrets of a beautifully rendered marine world. AI sea life, and three separate environments wait for you along with a few added surprises. The more you dive, the more experience you get and the deeper down you can explore. Collect beautiful specimens and sell them back on land in order to upgrade your gear. While you're on shore, you might want to talk to a few of the town's inhabitants, you never know what they'll tell you.
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Everblue 2 Cheats

  • Deep Sea Water + Mega-ade 500

    Mega-ade 1000

  • Diamond Knife + Quartz

    Citrine/Crystal /?

  • Mineral Water + Mega-ade 4000

    Supertonic Extra

  • Beryl knife + Calcite


  • Deep Sea Water + Mega-ade 1000

    Mega-ade 2000

  • Deep Sea Water + Mega-ade 4000

    Mega-ade 8000

  • Deep Sea Water + Tourmaline

    Mineral Water

  • Gathering Items 1

    When gathering items make sure you look at the benefits and risks for obtaining that item and putting it in your bag.

  • Gathering Items 2

    You can use your items to barter, buy/sell new items

  • Gathering Items 4

    The more items you obtain the heavier you bag becomes; the heavier your bag becomes the less time you can spend underwater.

  • Negative Ion Water + Mega-ade 1000

    Supertonic Dash

  • Beryl knife + Opiment

    Yellow Paint

  • Diamond Knife + Calcedony


  • Acetic Anhydride + Acetyl Acid


  • Diamond Knife + Corundum


  • Mineral Water + Mega-ade 2000

    Supertonic Turbo

  • Titanium Alloy + Rebreather 10

    Infinite Rebreather

  • Underwater

    If you are underwater focus your energies on diving to new depths and locations. Even the smallest trinkets can fetch a tidy sum among the locals. But, remember when going to new areas/depths you can also be poisoned by blowfish, sea eels, etc.

  • Underwater

    When a Great White (Shark) sees you,  resurface and dive again hoping you don't see another one. Whenever you see a shark you might as well end your dive otherwise it will end it for you.

  • Vanadium + Titanium Ore

    Titanium Alloy

  • Deep Sea Water + Mega-ade 2000

    Mega-ade 4000

  • Gathering Items 3

    Gathering new items might help you unlock parts of the storyline

  • Gathering Items 5

    If your bag becomes too heavy then you will drown and lose everything you have collected.

  • Gathering Items 6

    Most of the items you collect might be junk.

  • Negative Ion Water + Mega-ade 4000

    Royal Ampoule

  • Ring + Tourmaline

    Ion Ring

  • Water + Mega-ade 500

    Mega-ade 1000

  • Water + Tourmaline

    Negative Ion Water

  • Beryl Knife + Basalt

    Magnetite/Jade /Augite

  • Negative Ion Water + Mega-ade 500


  • Beryl knife + Gabro

    Magnetite/Titanium Ore/Apatite

  • Beryl Knife + Granite


  • Limestone + Gabro


  • Snake Bite + Killer Spider

    Scorpions Tail

  • Water + Mega-ade 300

    Mega-ade 500

  • Water + Oxidized Alcohol

    Disinfection Liquid