Island Xtreme Stunts Cheats - PS2

Game Description:You're name is Pepper Roni and you're the star stuntman in an action movie being filmed on wild LEGO Island. On and off the movie set, you'll perform tricks in a variety of stunt games. In the air, fly planes and sky-boards. On sea, race the waves on a jet ski. On land, drive a car through traffic, a motorcycle over a construction site, and a skateboard in an extravagant skate park. There is no vehicle or environment Pepper Roni can't master. But look out, your arch nemesis, Brickster, will try to ruin your stunt stardom. LEGO Island Exteme Stunts combines racing, 3D graphics, multiplayer kicks and LEGO's one-of-a-kind toy universe.
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Island Xtreme Stunts Cheats

  • Change people's hats or hair

    Walk up to someone while playing the game and push Triangle. You will notice that their hair or hat will change.